How Can We Liberate Ourselves from Family Constraints

How Can We Liberate Ourselves from Family Constraints?


Navigating the Path to Personal Freedom and Family Harmony


Have you ever found yourself torn between following your heart's desire and conforming to your family's expectations? Have you made decisions that didn't align with your true self due to the fear of disappointing your family? In this post, we'll delve into why many of us feel emotionally confined by our families, even though we love them dearly, and why we struggle to live with complete freedom and pursue the desires hidden in our hearts.


The Diverse Nature of Families

Some families are remarkably open and accepting, granting their members the freedom to be themselves and loving unconditionally. These are the families where genuine love prevails. However, in many families (a majority, in fact), control and opinions are imposed, and expectations are set, traditions must be rigidly upheld, and so on. Many such families justify their actions by claiming to act in the best interest of their family members, professing their deep love and the desire to shield them from the perceived "evils" of the world.

Allow me to share a few examples to illustrate the point: Let's say you've fallen in love with a Catholic woman, while you're Jewish. Your parents oppose the relationship due to religious differences and insist that you end it. They might even present you with an ultimatum. Another scenario: You've been offered an incredible job in a different country, but your elderly parents are upset at the mere mention of your departure. They insist that you stay close to home. And one more example: You've always aspired to be an artist, but your family is compelling you to pursue a different career. They have clear expectations about your future and the school you should attend, offering to pay only for the education they approve of.

In such situations, any decision seems bound to cause suffering. Either your family suffers, or you do, or everyone does simultaneously. But before we propose a solution to this problem, let's first examine its roots.


The Human Need for Belonging

People are wired to seek belonging. Being part of a group imparts a sense of security. Our subconscious remembers how, in ancient times and previous lifetimes, survival often depended on being part of a group. Hunting was easier with more hands, and defending against predators was more successful with a group. Building shelter, raising children – it all benefited from the presence of others. While today's world is vastly different, this inherent need for belonging remains potent. The groups we form tend to consist of like-minded individuals, as those who look different or have different views often pose a perceived threat. Thus, the expectation is for everyone to be the same and do the same, making everything predictable and, in turn, safer.




However, the universe compels us to shed old, no longer relevant beliefs. We become wiser, more intuitive, and more attuned to our higher selves. We are driven toward seeking security in the divine rather than in fellow humans. Only the divine can provide genuine security. It also guides us toward unity and equality with others. On the other hand, our desires should be fulfilled, as desires are divine. Living with unfulfilled desires leads to suffering.

Releasing ourselves from the grip of family rules, traditions, and expectations forces us to confront our fears of safety. Often, we grapple with immense guilt. This guilt may falsely convince us that we are hurting our parents, that we are terrible rebels indulging in our desires, or that we are selfish. In these moments, we are plagued by overwhelming negative emotions. Our hearts tell us one thing, while our ego says another; such internal conflicts can even attract negative entities. Cases continually arise in which individuals become possessed by spirits due to the immense stress they experience.


The Path to Freedom

Each one of us will encounter a moment in our lives (perhaps if not in this incarnation but certainly in the next) when we must liberate ourselves from the prison that family constraints can become. This doesn't necessarily mean severing ties or cutting off all communication. It's more about feeling like a free individual. You grant yourself the freedom to choose, and you grant your family the freedom to hold opinions and expectations. Making decisions no longer entails the fear of being cast out of the family. Even if they choose to distance themselves from you or express their disapproval, you feel secure, knowing that God always looks out for you. Guilt no longer plagues you. When making choices, your heart's voice guides you, not fear. Embracing freedom of choice is one of the essential lessons on our earthly journey.



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