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How Can You Control Your Thoughts to Improve Your Well-Being?


Have you ever paused to reflect on your own thoughts, standing aside and truly listening to them? Our thoughts possess immense power, shaping our reality. You've probably heard it multiple times: you are what you think. In this post, we will answer the question: How can you control your thoughts to improve your well-being?


The Constant Stream of Thoughts

Each of us is constantly thinking. Research indicates that our approximately three-pound brain processes around 60,000 thoughts daily, with 70%-80% of them being negative. This means that you have about 42,000-48,000 negative thoughts each day! Most of us aren't even aware of how frequently we think negatively. Now, consider the impact of around 45,000 negative thoughts daily on your mental and physical well-being. If approximately 75% of our thoughts are negative, and only 25% are positive, it’s no wonder why many of us walk around with our heads down, seeking to vent our anger on others or feeling terrified.

The problem largely lies in the fact that most of us identify with our own thoughts. We believe our thoughts are who we are and don't even consider the possibility of controlling them. It's akin to a bottle drifting aimlessly in the sea, where the waves (in our case, our mind) decide where we eventually end up.


We Are Not Our Thoughts

We are not our thoughts. Our True Being stands beyond our thoughts. Life, to a great extent, involves constantly staying vigilant and controlling our thoughts. This is exactly what successful people do, consciously or unconsciously. They know they can direct their thoughts and approach them with great discipline.

So, first, you need to start noticing your thoughts. Listen to the stories they begin to tell you. Do not judge your thoughts. Simply imagine you are standing aside, listening to someone else’s conversation. Some might experience quite a shock here, realizing how much their thoughts criticize them, demean others, rage at the world, complain, lament, and anger.

Remember, however, that you are not your thoughts. You, the real You, the True Being, exist beyond the thoughts. And since you are not your thoughts, why let them manipulate you and influence you? Why allow a thought like “I am worthless, no one loves me, nothing works out for me” to make you feel down for hours or days?


true spiritual being


So, be aware of your thoughts and distance yourself from them. A thought is just a thought. That's it. You give it power by focusing on it. Your attention fuels it with energy, allowing it to gain more control over you.

The easiest way to get rid of a negative thought is right at the beginning. It’s weakest then, as you haven't yet charged it with your energy. You have literally a few seconds for this. Over time, when you’ve “charged” it with your attention, it will resemble a train that accelerated from 5 miles per hour to 250 miles per hour. Isn't it true that it's much easier to stop a train moving significantly slower?


Techniques to Handle Negative Thoughts

Let's say you've learned to notice your negative thoughts fairly quickly. What can you do with such thoughts? Here are a few possibilities:

  • You can simply reject the thought. You know it's negative, so it’s not worth your attention.
  • You can let the energy of the thought simply flow through you. Imagine you are transparent, with no wall standing between you and the thought. You allow the energy to flow freely through you. You don’t judge the thought; you don’t analyze it. You just let it pass through your energy system.
  • You can also ask yourself: Is this true? Do I know 100% that what this thought is telling me is true? Your answer will likely be: NO. So, if you don’t know for sure, why would you worry about that thought and believe it what is says?


The Influence of Spirits on Thoughts

Since we’re talking about thoughts, I must address the issue of being possessed by spirits. If someone is struggling with a possession, their thoughts will be constantly manipulated by spirits. Spirits will bombard the person with negative thoughts and sometimes even negative images. Such a flood of thoughts often makes it hard to concentrate, sleep, and causes to live on edge. Therefore, in such a case, our first task is to free ourselves from the spirits. For help with releasing spirits, you can contact our center or other centers that provide such services.


P.S. Recommended Books. If you want to learn more about how to control your thoughts, I highly recommend the following books: The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle & The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer. 



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