staying independent despite parental pressure

How Can You Maintain Your Independence Despite Parental Pressure?


Have you ever felt the weight of your parent or guardian imposing their will on you? Sometimes it's about trivial matters that don't significantly impact the course of your life, but other times, complying with the strong will of a guardian can drastically change your life's direction. How can you maintain your independence despite parental pressure? To find out, I invite you to read today's post.


The Role of Family in Spiritual Development

We come into this world and are born into a family we have previously chosen (more on this in the book In the Wheel of Life, Vol. 2). The main goal of your soul is spiritual development, and the family you chose is perfectly suited to the lessons you selected to experience in this life for spiritual growth. Often, these lessons prove to be very difficult, even painful. However, you must understand that the greater the pain, the greater the reward in the form of significant progress on the spiritual path.

One of these lessons is resisting manipulation or the will imposed by a parent or guardian. This is a fairly common problem found, to some extent, in almost every family. How many of us have heard: "Please don't move to another city or country," "Please don't marry him," "I don't want you to pursue that career," "I don't want you to stay in contact with that person," "I don't want you to go to that college," "You must show up to that event", "You must pay for that", "You must always be here for me" and so on.


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Our free will can be broken from an early age, even before we are born. Some parents, making plans about potentially having a child, consciously or subconsciously think that the child will make them happy or, worse, fix their broken relationship. Thus, they already impose their will on this small, unborn being. What if that child does just the opposite? Then, they start to feel a great amount of resentment and disappointment.


The Strength to Defy

It takes a truly strong person to oppose the will imposed by their parents and do so with great calmness instead of the many negative emotions that usually accompany such situations. You need to realize that parents who obsessively impose their will on children usually do so out of fear. Instead of trusting God, knowing that He will always take care of them and give them everything they desire, they prefer to control another person and expect them to fulfill their whims or save them from something they fear so much.


Guilt and Independence

On the other hand, an adult child who follows their heart and makes decisions despite parental opposition may struggle with guilt. Sometimes, the guilt is so overwhelming that they destroy everything they touch. Even though they made the right decision to follow their heart, the guilt will demand punishment. Thus, they unconsciously punish themselves because, deep down, they feel they betrayed their parents, that they are that "terrible" child.

At our center, we constantly encounter cases where immense guilt has caused a person to become possessed by spirits. Guilt lowers our vibrations, making us more susceptible to spirits. From the moment spirits attach themselves to a person, they begin to suffer much more intensely, both emotionally and even physically. You can find more information about this on the page about the symptoms of spirit possession.


Embracing Freedom

Ask yourself if you might feel guilty towards your family for not meeting their expectations. If so, forgive yourself for that guilt and decide once and for all that you have the right to be a free person, and they also have the right to be free. Don't let yourself be convinced that because someone raised you, you now have to fulfill all their wishes. I know, it may sound a bit harsh. But... a truly loving parent raises children for the world, not for themselves. They know well that each of us belongs to God, not to another person. They give their child everything unconditionally and expect nothing in return. They trust that God is the only Being from whom they receive everything and who will always take care of them no matter what. Therefore, they don't need to force anyone to do anything and don't need to fear anything.

Everyone has the right to live their life in their own way. Even if it turns out that your decisions were not right, you still have the right to experience what your soul desires. It is through our experiences that we gain true knowledge. Don’t let people make you feel bad or guilty for living your life. It is your life; live it the way you want.



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