How to Deal with Jealous People

How to Deal with Jealous People?

We recently posted about how to manage our own feelings of jealousy. Today, we’ll look at how to deal with jealousy that comes to us from other people.

First, let's consider why feelings of jealousy arise. Most often it happens when people start comparing themselves to each other. This is of course a silly thing to do: we’re all unique beyond compare. We have different talents, desires, and lessons to learn in this incarnation, as well as personal lessons already learned in previous lives, and unique karma from past actions. However, people often measure everyone else with the same yardstick, and tend to look at life as though this present physical life is the only one they will ever live.


How does self-comparison contribute to jealousy?


When you compare yourself to others, you put yourself into a higher - or into a lower - position. Putting yourself into a lower one most often comes from low self-esteem, insecurity, and sometimes even self-hatred. The moment people feel inferior is the moment they may change that feeling into envy.

People who envy tend to constantly focus on what they don't have. They don't appreciate what’s already working perfectly in their lives, or for which things they should already be thankful. For them, the glass is always half-empty.

Envy isn’t only about material things, though. Even a person who’s attained an incredible height materially in life can be jealous of a person who is, for example, poor. Yet the poor person in this case may possess the courage and self-confidence that the well-off person lacks.

I hope this clarifies why people envy in the first place. Knowing why it happens can help you more effectively recognize and deal with people who envy, even when it’s yourself! Before we discuss how to deal with envious people, I’d like to tell you about a case we were recently asked to assist with. One of our clients, let's call her Julia, wrote in and asked us for a spirit attachment removal process.

How did julia's family jealousy impact her life?


As with every case, we first established why spirits appeared in the person's life to begin with. It turned out Julia moved to America from Mexico several years ago, full of hopes and dreams. She succeeded at getting into a good school, and at finding a good job. But the more successful Julia became, the more her family in Mexico increasingly turned on her, and showed her jealousy. She was so deeply affected by her family’s negativity that despite her health and youth, Julia  became ill: and these stressors largely contributed to her also attracting spirits to herself.

We later learned that subconsciously, Julia felt guilty that she was so successful in her new life, and she felt that her family in Mexico was doomed to a permanently worse and poor life.

Psychologically, any guilt - conscious or unconscious - creates a form of self-punishment. Julia's feelings of guilt were no different, which is why the jealous feelings of her family and friends oppressed her so much. Making her even more vulnerable to all these external opinions was the fact that Julia wasn’t entirely convinced that she actually deserved everything she’d achieved.


Handling jealousy from others effectively


Handling jealousy from others effectively


So: if you find yourself in a situation in which people are envious of you: look inside and make sure you neither carry feelings of guilt, nor the feeling that you don't deserve to accept and enjoy what you have and what you create. Now, back to dealing with other people's jealousy. Instead of feeling resentment or anger toward those who feel jealous, try to sympathize with them. Now that you know where jealousy often comes from, there’s nothing much left to do but sympathize with such people. You can also tell them (out loud or in your thoughts): "You can get or become this too, and probably even more of it! The world is infinitely abundant, so there’s more than enough for everyone.” Encourage your friend or loved one to simply try to open themselves up for something better.

Now that you know that jealous people are actually suffering from low self-esteem, if you’re aware that a person envies you, then don’t get too specific about your ‘big wins’ to such a person. For if you do, you risk that they’ll send much more negative energy your way. So think first, and be careful of what information you share.


How should we handle jealousy in personal relationships?


With practice, you’ll be able to respond to negativity from a jealous person with a smile upon your face. Always send them thoughts full of love. Remember: if instead you just start fighting with them, then you have already lost.

They say people come into our lives for a reason, for a season, or for a lifetime. However, don't cling to people who don't wish you well just because they’re biologically related. Establishing independence from this may seem terrifying at first, because we believe that family gives us security. When they are clearly not, take courage and set them free: don't be dependent of their support or approval. This doesn't mean you need to stop all interactions with them; it's just about feeling good about being independent, and about always knowing and appreciating your self-worth.

If, as in the case of Julia, you have experienced a lot of jealous negativity from other people -  especially if it’s taken a toll on your health - or, if you’re still struggling with emotions you can't quite explain: it’s likely you may have spirits attaching to you. Read more about this here.



About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.





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