How to Unlock the Power of Your Desires

How to Unlock the Power of Your Desires

What are your hidden desires? What do you dream about even before you go to sleep? Do you, like most people, doubt whether they’ll even ever come true? Or have you long since given up on your desires, certain there’s no chance in the world they could possibly be realized?

Our desires are incredibly important. They’re the driving force of our lives, pushing us to grow and inspiring us to create. Without desires, our lives would be empty and stagnant. 


How does evolution connect with our desires?


In our universe, everything constantly expands and improves. Plants and animals, even planets are always evolving, just as humans are. This is what evolution is all about: continuous forward-moving progress. If you don't want to change and only want to maintain the status quo then you automatically go backward, because the rest of the universe is moving ever forward. This can seem a bit frightening, because you may pressure yourself to get the most out of life and to achieve as much as possible. You could also start competing with other people, to potentially boost self-esteem through your achievements. But this isn’t why we have to fulfill our desires.

Desires are divine. They come from God. God created you, God lives in you, and it is through you that God also desires to expand this Divinity. Therefore, if the thought of a particular desire arises in you, know that this desire doesn’t only come from you. There’s a much greater power behind it.


Love as the foundation for fulfilling desires


 Love as the foundation for fulfilling desires


The foundation of our desires should be love. Ideally, fulfillment of our desires should also benefit other people, or the world generally. This is what great people who are very successful always do. The basis of their desire is first of all, to bring more benefit to humanity. They don't look at how much they may gain from it themselves; what matters to them is how much humanity will gain or advance from their actions. This is precisely why they’re able to achieve such great success: their selfless service to humanity causes the whole universe to support them.

Let's say you desire to earn more money. This is a wonderful desire! With more earnings you can provide your children with a better quality of life, and take them on great trips; or you can support charities, or help a friend who needs assistance. Notice how many people will benefit if you realize your desire for higher earnings. So don't just think about stuffing your own pockets and being the only one who’ll benefit from all that money. Open your heart to give to the world, and you’ll see the world repay you a hundredfold.

I’m reminded of a recent trip, when I spent a few nights at an Airbnb. The owner of this Airbnb had a desire to make more money, so he bought a house in order to rent it out later. Yet he didn't only care about his own well-being, or about quickly and cheaply making as much money as possible. He also clearly wanted his guests to have a wonderful time renting his house. You could feel this energetically the moment you crossed the threshold, and this only became more evident during my stay. And I wasn't the only one who noticed, according to many previous guests leaving 5-star reviews. It's no coincidence his house is consistently booked, while others nearby are unbooked more often than not. The more the host cares about the well-being of his guests, the more ease and abundance then come to him.


The impact of unfulfilled desires


So back to desires. Our desires exist to be fulfilled, and should be. Unfulfilled desires cause us to become sad, bitter, and angry throughout our lives, and can easily make us decide to not cross over to the other side, after death. Such a spirit with unfulfilled desires will roam among the living and seek a person through whom it may finally fulfill them. Therefore, the time for choosing and fulfilling your desires is right now.

If you have a strong desire that you’ve been dreaming about for a long time, but you’re filled with doubt or fear, then know that these negative emotions are unfounded. As I mentioned earlier, desires are divine, and divinity will guide you to fulfillment if you let it. The hardest thing is taking that first step: to believe with all your being your desires will come true. To put it even better: we must believe and deeply feel this with as much certainty as if they’ve already been fulfilled. Jesus summed this up wonderfully by saying, "According to your faith, it will be given to you."



About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.





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