Is Prioritizing Self Care a Crucial Obligation to Yourself2

Is Prioritizing Self-Care a Crucial Obligation to Yourself?


The Importance of Self-Care: It's Essential, Not Optional


There might be times when you feel exhausted over several days, or perhaps even weeks. Amid the daily grind of work, childcare, elderly parent care, and the whirlwind of everyday life, you rarely find a moment for yourself. Gradually, this fatigue can give rise to increasing frustration, anxiety, combativeness, or anger. In today's discourse, we will answer why is prioritizing self-care a crucial obligation to yourself and shed light on a few strategies to assist you in this mission.


Why Is It Imperative to Care for Yourself?

The answer is simple and powerful: you can't pour from an empty cup. If you're drained and worn out, you'll struggle to care for others or even achieve the goals you're striving towards. If you do manage to reach a goal, it's likely at a significant cost. Life isn't about racing through it in haste or distress, mechanically ticking off tasks like a robot, or sacrificing your well-being to appease others. Our duty lies in nourishing ourselves and operating from a place where we feel our cup is brimming over. From such a point, we can gladly share our abundance with others.

If you have many responsibilities, such as young children, running a business, or elderly parents to look after, then it is even more crucial, like never before, to take care of yourself. Often, in these moments, we do the exact opposite. We overlook our needs, focusing only on others. As a result, we become easily agitated, our duties feel like punishments, and we make poor decisions that further harm us. It might seem as if life is unjust, leading to clashes with loved ones, and so forth. If we maintain this emotional state over the long term, we become easy prey for spirits circling us, always seeking to possess individuals who are drained emotionally or low on energy.

On every airplane journey, the safety instructions include the mandate to secure your oxygen mask before assisting others. This advice is also applicable to life. If you're doing the opposite, it's worth questioning why. Frequently, the reason lies in our lack of self-love or fear. We may fear rejection, worry about our survival, or be concerned about others' opinions of us. Perhaps our disregard for self-care stems from our parents, who neglected their own needs. It's high time to change this pattern.


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How to Take the First Steps Towards Better Self-Care

Here are a few suggestions to guide you:


  1. Prioritize Sleep: Without adequate sleep, you will lack energy and may become irritable. Stick to a consistent bedtime, remove electronic devices from your bedroom, and avoid heavy meals before sleep. Early to bed can mean early to rise, giving you a head start on your day.
  2. Meditation: Set aside a few quiet minutes each day for yourself, focusing on the present moment. This will be your sacred time to feel your emotions, repeat positive affirmations, and reflect on life. Early mornings, when your mind is still in a relaxed state, are ideal for this practice. Rise before your household wakes and spend this precious time with yourself.
  3. Forgiveness: Don't carry emotional baggage filled with regret, anger, or sorrow, as it weighs you down and negatively affects your emotional and physical health. Try to forgive yourself and others immediately. Always maintain a distance from everything happening around you and don't take things too personally. Remember, we are all in the grand school of life where we and others make mistakes.
  4. Gratitude: Practicing gratitude will make you feel more optimistic, energetic, and less stressed or anxious. Furthermore, you'll invite more positive events into your life. Always remember, you attract what you focus on.
  5. Connect with Nature: Nature has a soothing effect on our souls, helping us connect with our true selves and relieving tension while clearing our minds. A walk in the park, on the beach, or in the forest provides an excellent opportunity for repeating positive affirmations and practicing gratitude.


You shouldn't rely on others for care and love; that responsibility is yours. Your inner child craves your attention and love. Recognize and cater to its needs. The moment you sense your fuel running low, immediately seek ways to refill your tank. Just as a car won't go far with an empty tank, you won't accomplish much when physically and mentally drained. Never apologize or feel guilty for taking time for your needs. You needs matter, too!



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