New Year Old Wounds

New Year, Old Wounds

Happy New Year! The arrival of the New Year makes all of us, more or less, feel the beginning of something new. New Year’s Day motivates us to make new resolutions. We plan that in this New Year we’ll start working out at the gym, eating better, traveling, and so on. It's good to have plans for the future. But we should also look back, analyze the passing of the old year, and draw new conclusions.


Are you carrying stones into the new year?

 Are you carrying stones into the new year


Imagine you’re going on a wonderful new hike, but there are heavy stones attached to both your legs. So instead of enjoying your hike, you have to drag heavy stones with you everywhere. After just a few steps of your wonderful new hike you are exhausted, in a really bad mood. You may see beautiful sights and new opportunities, but you can't benefit from any of them while those stones weigh you down completely.

We often attach new “stones”, in the form of unresolved negative emotions like anger, feeling sorry for oneself, not loving oneself, et cetera. Stones may also come in the form of possession by spirits, and the lack of motivation to free oneself from spirits. Note that the heaviest stone possible is the lack of forgiveness.

Perhaps you agree that it’s finally time for you to break your own chains, to get rid of your own stones and so go through the new year with ease? You must know that most of us don’t easily get rid of them. We even tend to nurture and care for them. Sometimes we even think we are stones! Think about how many times you re-live unpleasant events from your past. Maybe you even continue talking with others on those subjects. And each time, you get angry, sad, or resentful all over again. This is how you nurture your stones. Maybe you’ve become so accustomed to them that you can't even imagine how you could live without them, as though your life would lose its true meaning. You are literally attached to all the negative emotions the stones hold for you. You identify so strongly with your “story” of a person who is sick, or betrayed by her husband, or mistreated by his parents and so on, that you have become the story; you have become the stone.


Identifying and letting go of your "sad stories"


Each of us have our stones. Each of us, to some degree, love our "sad stories." Few of us though realize just how much suffering these stories bring.

Every day, before going to sleep, we should cleanse ourselves of the negative events of the day. We should forgive everything about ourselves and about others (click HERE to read more about how to forgive), so we can get up the next day with only clean, refreshing energy. If you don't already do this every day, then take advantage of the wonderful opportunity that is the start of the New Year.

Don't be frightened if, at the very thought of forgiving someone, you’re overwhelmed by a great unwillingness or even anger. This is normal. Most people approach forgiveness reluctantly, as if facing punishment. Understand though that you aren’t doing it for someone else, but for yourself. You don't remove someone else's stones: you remove your own. Forgiveness isn’t saying that nothing happened, that no one made a mistake. Forgiveness is letting go of the hurt feelings those mistakes create. Only after you decide you don’t want to feel hurt anymore, will you be able to choose forgiveness. Otherwise your stone will still seem so comfortably attractive that as a result you’ll just keep on carrying it.


Dealing with spirit possession


Here I’ll also touch on the issue of possession by spirits. Many realize that they’re possessed by spirits, and even though they suffer because of this, they’re not yet ready to live without spirits. The Universe, in its wisdom, will push such people to find the motivation to finally solve the issue. It does so by allowing to receive the pain, because unfortunately nothing motivates humans more effectively than pain. Therefore the “stone” of spirit possession will eventually become very heavy, causing so much of a burden that eventually, one has no other choice but to try to get rid of it. So the only question is, how much are you willing to suffer in order to get there?

As you embark on this New Year, I wish you bravery enough to not only look forward, but to also to look back: and to once and for all let go of the old stones you may be carrying since childhood. And only then you’ll become stronger, happier and healthier. 



About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.




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