The art of giving

The Art of Giving: Strings Attached or Heartfelt Generosity?


Understanding the Depths of Giving


Have you ever pondered why you offer something to someone? What drives you to present a gift to another soul? Intriguingly, the majority of us often give with unspoken conditions lurking in the shadows. Sometimes, we're not even wholly aware of it. Today, let's dive deep into the essence of giving rooted in genuine love.


Ego-Driven Versus Heartfelt Generosity

When we shower others with gifts or serve them unconditionally, without any hidden expectations, it's a manifestation of heartfelt generosity; an act stemming from true love. On the contrary, any form of giving that carries conditions, that bears expectations, originates from our ego. It isn't really "giving" in its purest form. At times, we consciously set conditions, blatantly telling the recipient, “You can have this, but in return...”. On other occasions, we might try to rationalize our inability to give unconditionally. We may even bask in self-adulation, like deciding to share a part of our wealth with our daughter-in-law, provided she remains married to our son. Sometimes, we're blissfully unaware that we’re attaching strings. Yet, deep down, we might hope they'd call to express gratitude, visit us more frequently, or someday come to our aid. If you ever catch yourself thinking, "I did so much for them, and now they...", followed by an avalanche of resentment and disappointment, it's a telltale sign you gave with strings attached.

All the instances mentioned hint at ego-driven generosity. When it comes to giving, it's either from the heart, devoid of conditions, or it's from the ego; there's no middle ground. So, what makes us set conditions? Why can't we just give without expecting anything in return? The seemingly intricate answer is rather simple: fear is the culprit. Fear of aging, losing assets, lack of love, solitude, judgments, and most profoundly, the dread of death. We'd do anything to elude it, or at least, delay the inevitable.


giving a gift


I hope this piece inspires introspection before your next act of generosity. Ask yourself: Will I set conditions? Do I harbor any expectations? Even hoping to hear a mere “thank you” can be setting a condition. If you find yourself with such expectations, don't be harsh on yourself. Delve deeper, identify your fears, and feel them. Emotions exist to be felt, not suppressed. By recognizing and understanding your fears, the urge to attach strings may wane, allowing you to give genuinely.


The Receiver's Dilemma: Acceptance with Strings Attached

Now, let's pivot and view this from another angle. What if you're on the receiving end, and the gift or service offered comes with strings attached? Understand this: accepting such a gift sacrifices a piece of your freedom, potentially leading to pain in the future. If you consciously accept something despite its conditions, ponder what you fear or what you'd lose by refusing. True freedom is a universal desire. Only those gripped by fear would let themselves be shackled.


Emulating the Divine: Giving Without Expectations

God always gives without expecting anything in return. His benevolence, evident in every sunrise and the rhythm of nature, surrounds us daily. Every heartbeat, every breath, is a testament to His boundless generosity. Did you ever have to repay for the relentless gifts you receive from Him? No. Emulate that divine essence. Give, without the shadow of fear that you'll lack in the future. True generosity, devoid of conditions, not only enriches the recipient but also nourishes the soul of the giver, drawing us closer to the purest form of love and compassion. The act of giving, when mirrored after this divine template, becomes a spiritual journey in itself, guiding us toward a higher purpose and connection.



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