Why Is True Happiness So Hard to Find1

Why Is True Happiness So Hard to Find?

Understanding Where True Happiness Lies


I've yet to meet a person who isn't searching for happiness. In the fabric of human existence, the quest for happiness is a common thread that binds us all. Innately, every soul yearns for joy, embarking on a lifelong journey in pursuit of it. Sometimes, in our pursuit of happiness, we find ourselves making choices that, in hindsight, might seem less than wise. Regrettably, for many of us, happiness is but a fleeting visitor, making its presence known only momentarily.

Today's post seeks to unravel the mystery of why true happiness is so hard to find, and why we find ourselves in a perpetual chase after it.


The Elusive Nature of Happiness

The answer to this seemingly intricate question is, in truth, quite simple. For simplicity lies at the heart of truth, though our complex personalities might beg to differ. The elusive nature of happiness stems from our tendency to seek it in the impermanent. And, as the objects of our desires are transient, so too is the happiness they bring. What are these ephemeral things I speak of? There are countless examples, but let us touch upon three common culprits:


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  1. Interpersonal Relationships – We often seek happiness in our relationships, expecting others (be it a spouse, parent, friend) to fill our lives with love, desire, and a sense of worth. We crave shared experiences, gifts, compliments, a gentle touch. Yet, people are inherently unstable, burdened with their own issues and prone to change. The partner who loves us today might turn their affection elsewhere tomorrow; our children grow up and leave the nest; parents pass away; friends may decide to cut ties. Thus, anchoring our happiness in others is inherently fleeting and can lead to pain.
  2. Addictions – It's no secret that the temporary high from succumbing to an addiction is a mere illusion of happiness. Be honest with yourself and recognize the addictions you battle, whether acknowledged (like alcohol or drugs) or not (such as compulsive eating or overworking). Addiction is escapism, a brief respite from the inner turmoil we carry. Often, it wreaks havoc on our physical health, relationships, and financial stability, making us sacrifice so much for that fleeting moment of pleasure, which inevitably passes, leaving the addiction to tighten its grip over time.
  3. Excitement, Money – This category encompasses many things: buying the latest fashion item we don't need, planning another trip, undergoing cosmetic procedures to enhance our beauty, and so on. Essentially, anything that offers us a temporary boost of energy, excitement, joy, but quickly becomes mundane and insignificant. Our excitement fades, and soon we find ourselves longing for the next new garment, trip, or beauty treatment. The cycle is endless, and the more we indulge, the greater our disappointment. Consumer companies exploit this by constantly introducing new products, promising happiness that we hope will last, despite knowing it won't. As for money, if wealth truly brought happiness, then the richest individuals would be the happiest, and the poorest would suffer from depression. Yet, life shows us that many wealthy individuals struggle with depression and even suicide, while those with less can find contentment.


So, you see, seeking happiness in external, transient things is a recipe for disappointment. This pursuit leaves people restless, hungry, greedy, always fighting for the next thing that promises a fleeting taste of happiness.

I encourage you to observe your thoughts and consider where you seek happiness. Notice your expectations and what excites you. If it's in the ephemeral, external things, you won't find lasting happiness there.


Where Can Happiness Be Found?

The answer reminds me of a poem I was taught in preschool, titled "Glasses" by the Polish poet Julian Tuwim. It tells of a man searching for his glasses in various places around his house, growing increasingly agitated, even shouting that someone must have stolen them, until he looks in the mirror and realizes they've been on his nose all along. Similarly, you don't need to search far for happiness. You already possess it, as true, enduring happiness comes from within. This inner happiness is constant and not dependent on external factors. It's about being present, focusing not on oneself but on serving others, appreciating a higher power—be it God, the Universe, Energy—and practicing gratitude. Thus, you don't need to seek these things outside yourself; true, lasting happiness comes from within.

I leave you with words by Denis Waitley, which beautifully summarize what happiness is: "Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn, or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude." I wish this for you with all my heart.


Note on Overcoming External Influences

Our Center focuses on helping individuals plagued by spirits. If you're affected by spirits, finding this inner state of happiness can be incredibly challenging, if not impossible. Spirits bombard us with negative emotions and block us from our Higher Self. Therefore, the first step should be to rid yourself of these spirits to reconnect with your inner source of happiness.



About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.


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