Why Self Love Is So Important and How to Practice It

Why Self-Love Is So Important - and How to Practice It

Most of us have a problem with loving and accepting ourselves. We’re too cruel, harsh, or critical of ourselves. We don’t believe in our own power. We’re easily able to forgive others, but not ready to let go of our own mistakes. In many situations, we’re indeed our own worst enemy.


Consequences of neglecting self-love


 Consequences of neglecting self love


Think for a moment of what choices you’d make if you unconditionally loved, and truly accepted, yourself. How would your life look different, or have a chance to be so? People who don't actively, consciously love themselves, or sometimes even outright hate themselves, will continually encounter all sorts of suffering in life.

The Universe gives us more of what we focus on, and carry within. Just as there is “as above, so below” there’s also “as within, so without.” So if you’re not actively loving yourself, the Universe also shows you that you’re not being loved. This translates into your relationships with others: without your self-love, most often people won’t respect you, and may even abuse you. This also translates into your finances: without self-love, you’re not worth earning in true abundance. This also translates toward your health: without self-love, your body ages faster, is more prone to illness, and becomes far less attractive. Without self-love, one feels afraid to voice opinions, prefers isolation, and lacks the courage to follow one’s bliss. The negative impacts are endless…

Therefore, not loving yourself is not an option. It’s our absolute responsibility. Just take the timeless adage that “You won't ever truly love someone, until you love yourself.” For one of any number of examples, this universal truth applies just as well to not being able to feed someone else, if you don't have food yourself. So first, we must always fill our hearts with love toward, within, and for ourselves, in order to literally have the love to be able to give to and share with others. The beauty of this universal law is that once followed, the expansion of love and its creative powers are literally endless.


Breaking inherited patterns of self-neglect


You may say that your parents didn’t give or offer love and acceptance to you. In fact, they may have only ever criticized you harshly, or repeatedly used physical violence. In all these cases they didn’t love themselves, and so couldn't give that love to you. Very likely, their parents didn’t share love with them, and maybe so on, and so on... Then let’s now, once and for all, break this literally vicious cycle, and change not only your own inherited experience but, for those with children, what we accomplish now will protect your current relationships and your future descendants for generations to come.

Perhaps you’re the type that always assumed you’d easily begin loving yourself just as soon as you’d attained some state, or achieved some thing. For example, you’d feel good looking in the mirror only after losing a few extra pounds. Yet this flawed “logic” is only illusion, and is the opposite of loving oneself. True self-love is exactly like the unconditional kind we give to our pets, our friends, and our loved ones. It exists entirely in the fact that no matter what: regardless of failings, flaws, or even terrible mistakes, we still must give ourselves unconditional love and acceptance, and unlimited faith, and compassion.


How does self-love protect us from spirit possession?


It certainly merits mention here that the chronic lack of love for ourselves - and its cumulative impact - leaves us extremely vulnerable to possession by spirits. A person filled with self-love automatically prevents a spirit from drawing energy from them, much less permanently possessing them. This is why, during the process of removing spirits, we pay so much attention to teaching our clients the unlimited benefits of unconditional self-love. Loving yourself protects you from being influenced by spirits to a remarkable extent.

So: how do you love yourself? First of all, understand that this is a process that’ll forever continue throughout your life. It’s unlikely you’ll ever reach the point where you’ll say: "I’m all set! I have already loved myself enough, and won’t ever need any more!"

As with everything else you do, feel, and think: loving yourself is also a decision. Just as you can always decide whether to be - or, to stop being - angry or sad in any given situation, you can also choose to start or to continue loving yourself, and to always continue choosing to love.


The role of forgiveness in self-love


Ideally, begin by forgiving yourself for absolutely everything. It’s so much easier to love ourselves if we stop the shame, guilt, or regret for the mistakes we humans have naturally made. We shouldn't even call them mistakes, nor even feel negatively about them. Mistakes are really a gift, and simply lessons: natural “growing pains” that you’d forgive completely in anybody else, which guide our growth and allow our souls to realize more and more of our divine, evolving qualities.

The rule of thumb also applies, that simple methods are the most effective. Merely repeating the following affirmation will easily and readily change quite a lot in your life: "I love me, and I approve of myself!" Listen to what your habituated subconscious may try to tell you after saying this affirmation. It may give you insights into why you couldn’t, can't, or don't deserve to love yourself. You can then update your subconscious, and tell it: "Thanks for the suggestion, but in spite of it I still love me, and totally approve of myself." If you’re feeling brave, you can even perform this excellent exercise in the mirror, and/or out loud.

This holiday season, please decide to give yourself the greatest gift of all: unconditional, abundant, and really joyful self-love. Not only will you infinitely benefit from this gift, but so will your friends, your loved ones, and everyone else you come in contact with, too. You will be able to effortlessly give everyone true, unlimited love and so too, you’ll become an inspiration and a motivation for others to feel worthy of love, and to love themselves as well. For all those interested in this essential topic, I highly recommend reading Louise Hay’s The Power is Within You, as well as Dr. Pratnicka's In the Wheel of Life, Volume 2. Joyful tidings of peace and self-love to you and yours this holiday season!



About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.





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