Why the Most Difficult People in Our Lives Are Our Greatest Teachers

Why the Most Difficult People in Our Lives Are Our Greatest Teachers


Do you ever notice that people elicit strongly negative emotions from you? Do you have anyone in your life that you really wish was no longer a part of it? Do you find that the biggest cause of your problems is, in fact, other people? If so, welcome to today's post, where we’ll learn exactly how important these people are to imperative purposes of life: inspiration toward enlightenment, and your freedom from the ego and why the most difficult people in our lives are our greatest teachers. 

God, the Universe, our Higher Power (or any name you wish), is of course aware that people avoid self-examination and addressing their negative qualities head on, although it delays healing and spiritual development. Accordingly, God created a natural principle that essentially forces us to confront the impurities we accrue and carry within us. This principle operates comparably to a mirror. So even if we’re oblivious or resistant to examining ourselves and doing the work needed for healing and growth, God ensures this work is unavoidable by reflecting our traits onto others, like a mirror. We only see in others what we are within ourselves. I'll say it again: whether you like it or not, you only see in others what you carry in yourself.

Everyone has unique habits, beliefs, and experiences from which they judge the world and those around them. This is why two people in the same situation may see it entirely differently. Though the situation is the same, their habits, beliefs, and experiences in this life and in previous ones make them see a given situation in completely different ways.

The people we meet on life’s path elicit various emotions from us. Of course if they’re positive ones we have no problem with it, but sometimes they elicit negativity from us (though maybe not from anyone else) to the extreme. Most often these extreme reactions are to folks we’re closely connected with, like our loved ones and associates.


The Mirroring Principle

Let’s consider this emotional closeness within the context of the mirroring principle. Say you have a mother-in-law who’s constantly driving you crazy. She deliberately creates conflicts between you and your husband, and manipulates him to more often be taking her side. So you find yourself, long before holidays and family gatherings, getting preemptively upset and trying to limit your children's contact with her so that she doesn’t turn them against you, too. Or maybe, you just dread every time she calls  your husband, as well as her penchant for raising your blood pressure.

The only successful way to deal with such people is to first distance yourself from the situation, in order to objectively consider how they’re creating negative emotions in you. Next, try to precisely name what you see in, say, your mother-in-law that’s so unacceptably negative. For example, you may know she’s devious, in that she manipulates and lies to get more attention or affection from your husband and children. Yet what you need to realize is that, by God’s own design, your mother-in-law is in fact your very own mirror: the qualities of hers that annoy or infuriate you only do so because you also possess them. Perhaps they don't exist in you to the same extent as they do within her, but the kernel of the very qualities you hate so much in her are literally active in you, too.


Don't Let Your Ego Manipulate You


Now perhaps your ego just rebelled against this, and insists that the negativity in this case is all your mother-in-law's fault, while you’re merely the innocent victim of it all. But don't let your ego manipulate you either! Remember to continually distance yourself from your emotional and egoistic reactions, because all of this is only about your healing, growth, and happiness. Remind yourself that this type of situation, though frequently uncomfortable or downright painful, only happens so you can recognize your own negative traits and resolve them. Once you practice and master these methods to heal your own negativities, you’ll see that those who infuriate you the most will either suddenly change, or else their behavior simply won’t bother you anymore. Observing the mirroring principle is the only way to truly improve your experiences, feelings, and circumstances, so stay grateful for being able to see which of your issues are being reflected back to you by others. Stay focused on improving the way you feel, and stay confident the Universe is always taking care of the rest.

Once you thoroughly accept and abide by the principle of mirroring, you’ll never again waste time or energy complaining that other people make you feel badly, or are trying to ruin your life. Instead you’ll know that only you can do these things. So be grateful and treasure the blessing: for it’s our shared humanity that reminds and inspires you to keep cleansing yourself of imperfections, and improving your life in all its aspects.


"Those Who Live By The Sword, Die By The Sword"

A classic adage warns that ‘those who live by the sword, die by the sword.’ Forcing conflict never leads to solution. Therefore we’ll always succeed if we approach every painful situation as calmly as possible, as only then can we hear our intuitive wisdom inform what each situation is trying to teach. Never hesitate to ask yourself what you need in order to heal, to learn, to transcend, or to forgive in any given situation. Our intuition always speaks to us with love, while ego always speaks in proverbial fightin’ words: so pay attention to which one you’re listening to!

I hope that studying this post and working with the mirroring principle will make it so much easier for you to regard people who irritate you very differently from now on - and always remember they’re actually great teachers with a precious gift for our accelerated emotional and spiritual growth. This is a divinely wonderful, if not always an easy, path that leads you to rapid growth and increasing enlightenment. I celebrate your courage and devotion to this less traveled and sacred path.



About the Author:

Marianna oversees the daily operations of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, skillfully advising staff members on guiding clients through the spirit removal process. Her efforts extend beyond management; she is dedicated to raising awareness about the phenomenon of spirit possession, utilizing various platforms including events, books, and digital media. In her leisure time, Marianna delights in gardening, immerses herself in reading, and explores new natural wonders.





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