Addiction Read about an actual case from the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center

Addiction - Read about an actual case from the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center


Elaine was a mother of a twenty-year-old son named Charles. When she contacted our office she was emotionally drained due to Charles’ drastic change in behavior over the last several years. She explained to us that he had always been a good child, an outstanding student, active in various sports, and had lead a healthy lifestyle. He had a large network of supportive friends and loved to travel. This all changed when Charles began to drink every day. Elaine couldn’t understand how her warm and loving son could suddenly turn into an angry alcoholic.

Charles became easily irritated whenever his mother would ask him about anything. At first, Elaine blamed Charles’ new behavior on his new job, thinking that it was probably stressful and she decided to give him more space. However, his negative behavior quickly escalated. He stopped helping her around the house with daily chores and would explode into angry outbursts without provocation. It wasn’t long before Charles lost his job and refused to leave his room. Elaine soon discovered that he had been watching pornography and drinking alcohol most of the day, every day. She would find empty liquor bottles hidden in his room and smelled alcohol whenever he passed by her. Over time, he wouldn’t even bother to hide the bottles and merely let them pile up around his bed.

Elaine was desperate. She tried to persuade Charles to see a therapist or psychiatrist but he refused to seek any kind of help.


Discovering the possibility of spirit attachment


Discovering the Possibility of Spirit Attachment


One day Elaine came across an article about spirit attachment in a holistic newspaper. She began to do some research and ultimately discovered our website.  

After conducting a check up with the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, we discovered that Charles had several spirits attached to him. When people struggle with addiction, it is common to have multiple spirits attached to them. These spirits are usually souls of people who struggled with similar addictions when they were alive. Death doesn’t free us of addiction, so these souls will look to attach themselves to someone who has a similar problem. This way they can continue to feed off of a destructive habit.

Once a person has spirits of former addicts attached, these spirits will intensify the living's addiction—now you are not only dealing with your own desire, but also a  spirits’ desire as well—and as a result it is very hard to stop the addiction. In addition, they will also infuse a person’s emotions with multiple kinds of negativity.

Elaine asked us to help her son, but Charles didn’t want to cooperate with us directly or follow any instructions. Such cases can be extremely difficult, because when a person doesn’t cooperate with us directly, there is a chance that they can attract new spirits after old ones are led away.


What changes occurred during the spirit removal process?


At the beginning of the removal process, there wasn't any significant change in Charles’ behavior. The problem was this: the minute spirits were removed from him, Charles would attract them right back.

During the second month of the removal process, the situation started to slightly change.  We received a phone call from Elaine informing us that Charles had offered to clean up their garage and he was spending more time with her. At the end of the third month of the spirit removal process, Elaine contacted us and shared wonderful news. Charles had stopped drinking alcohol and started to look for a job. “My son is back!” she exclaimed. She was over the moon.




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