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Can Suffering Lead to Spirit Possession?


Spiritual Development, Suffering, and the Paradox of Spirit Possession



Life is an immense school that every individual attends without exception. The universe and everything within it are perpetually evolving entities, a fundamental universal truth. In this article, we aim to delve into the aspect of spiritual development, a topic of significance for everyone, including those who identify themselves as hardened materialists or atheists. We will also explain how suffering can lead to spirit possession.


The Infinite Facets of Spiritual Development

Spiritual development manifests itself in an infinite number of aspects in our daily lives. Simply put, every crisis we face, no matter how small, every suffering we endure, is meant to propel us forward on the path of spiritual development. Progress may involve our physical body, our emotions, or our thoughts. All contribute to the cultivation of our spiritual awareness, understanding that everything originates from the spiritual realm rather than physicality, emotions, or mentality. The spiritual realm is, in essence, the best, divine version of ourselves.

Every crisis or suffering is essentially an encounter with limitations in our physical, emotional, or mental selves that we can no longer endure. We yearn for something more, sensing internally that we can achieve it. The absence of it leads to suffering, a form of longing for the desired qualities.


Can Suffering Can Lead to Spirit Possession?

This law applies to every individual—whether spiritually underdeveloped or highly advanced. As long as our development and suffering pertain to lower matters, namely the physical, emotional, and mental, there is a risk of attracting beings (spirits) that were once human but failed to ascend to higher vibrational fields after the death of their physical bodies.


lost soul


Such beings are not at peace; they passed away with some form of emotional or mental conflict. This conflict always stems from a lack of understanding of the universal laws of the universe, a failure to recognize the Truth. Truth acts as a balm for the soul; in it, we find the best solution, discover the wonders of the universe, and understand our Creator. If we suffer, it is merely because we have not yet grasped some crucial aspect of Truth relevant to our current situation.

Returning to lost souls—individuals going through a crisis may attract spirits with identical crises. Spirits suffer far more intensely than humans. At first, it might seem like an overwhelming burden for a person. However, the universe provides numerous opportunities for individuals to step out of their comfort zones, beyond their crises, before deciding to impose suffering on themselves. Greater burdens are imposed on the soul only when it stubbornly clings to the "old version of reality," resisting development and evolution.

Many people, the majority, are ready to step beyond their current stage of development. They have made progress in the physical, emotional, or mental realms, but lack the courage to choose what is better, what is new. Meanwhile, the new awaits them; they have matured for it, paradoxically yearning for it deep within their consciousness for a long time. However, often, a fear of the uncertain, the unknown, surfaces here. This situation generates anxiety. It is precisely this fear that has the power to attract spirits into our energy field with identical fears, with identical crises. And when we attract such a being, even greater suffering begins, accompanied by the symptoms of spirit possession described HERE.


Embracing Uncertainty and Trust

For this reason, spirit possession occurs mainly when individuals resist development, holding onto familiar habits and the status quo. It's akin to a person tightly gripping a hot stove, enduring constant burns, out of fear for what might happen if they let go. The future appears as a great unknown, threatening, and uncertain. Cultivating trust in our emotions and thoughts is vital. Always remember the mechanism I refer to as the "supporting of the new." Choosing anything new, unknown, or uncertain results in the universe providing profound support. Many successful entrepreneurs understand and leverage this law, embarking on new ventures and achieving spectacular successes.

For these reasons, spirit possession experiences often involve individuals who have already made significant progress in their development. They do not consider this because they perceive their situation through the lens of the suffering they endure. It does not occur to them that they might be individuals surpassing mediocrity. They think, "Since I suffer so much, I must be a bad person." Here lies the paradox.

As evidence, I encourage the reader to explore the biographies of individuals who have achieved astronomical (literally and metaphorically) successes in our world. Their childhood or later life is often marked by profound suffering, evident to any discerning observer. This indicates that suffering is more a sign of spiritual advancement than a lack thereof. Developed souls can bear the weight of significant tribulations.



About the Author:

Michael, a co-founder of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, holds a B.A. degree in psychology and is a spiritual teacher and healer, with a specialization in spirit removal. Under the mentorship of Wanda Pratnicka, Michael gained profound spiritual insights into the nuances of spirit attachment phenomenon, and for many years, he played a crucial role in assisting her with the remote spirit removal process. In his leisure time, Michael finds solace in meditation, immerses himself in the timeless beauty of classical music, and cherishes tranquil walks by the sea.


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