Fear of spirits returning

How Can You Overcome the Fear of Spirits Returning?


The spirit removal process often signifies a period of significant, positive change for many. It's not uncommon for the issue of spirit possession to have lingered for a long time, sometimes even decades, meaning that our suffering has also been immense. Frequently, after the removal process, there remains in a person a fear of the spirits' return. In this article, we'll discuss this fear of spirits returning so that you can better understand it and learn how to approach it.


Suffering Isn't Without Purpose

In some instances, the spirit removal process is not just about being liberated from oppressive spirits; it marks the beginning of even greater freedom—from the lower realm of human emotions such as anger, rage, hatred, envy, jealousy, self-pity, and fear, which underlies all negative emotions. Simplifying, we could say that for some, the spirit removal process is the start of total freedom from fear. Given that in our world there exist only two great forces—Love and Fear—this is an opportunity to forever shift towards the luminous side of Life.

This is a monumental task and may not be fully achievable within one incarnation for everyone, but a good start in this life can pave the way for a luminous path in the ones to come, which we wholeheartedly wish for everyone.


Spirit Possession: A Supportive Phenomenon for the Evolving Soul

Spirit possession is a phenomenon that greatly aids the evolving soul’s journey. In the process of gathering experiences from past lives, we have surrounded ourselves with both beneficial and detrimental elements, the latter always based on negative emotions, i.e., fear. This energy carries over from one incarnation to another and finds expression—beneficial and charitable for tendencies based on love, and destructive for those based on fear.


soul evolution


Human error is merely a manifestation of this destructive expression and serves to strengthen our negativity, enabling us to see clearly the painful consequences of being governed by fear. Hence, spirit possession plays a crucial role in our development. For some, it is a source of great suffering, but from this arises the motivation to completely free oneself from both spirits and fear.


Suffering Is Proportional to the Soul's Evolution

Suffering is directly proportional to the level of the soul's evolution; the closer the soul is to deciding on total freedom from fear, the stronger the suffering, as significant motivation is required. For this reason, the spirit removal process can be an unimaginable relief for some.

Whenever we experience something good after a long period of suffering, there arises a fear that what we endured for so long might return. This requires a special approach to the problem. Firstly, we must stop fearing both the spirits and the suffering itself. We must continually remind ourselves that the spirits appeared only to help us, as a consequence of following a path that no longer serves us. The same applies to suffering. We must remember that it is not an integral part of divine existence but rather a sign that we are straying, that Life has something much greater and more magnificent in store for us.


How Can You Overcome the Fear of Spirits Returning?

If we persist in our fear, spirits will readily exploit this, threatening us that nothing will change. Spirits try to leverage every shadow of our fear and will not hesitate to use manipulation. This is precisely why the period for guiding spirits away is set to be so long. The three months we offer during our cleansing process are indeed ample time to mentally free ourselves from our emotional and mental patterns, although some may need to work intensely, even very intensely, to make good use of this time.

During this period, working on mindfulness, particularly regarding our emotional patterns, will be crucial. Emotions are easier for the human, physical brain and body to observe due to the relatively small vibrational distance between the dense matter of our physical body and the subtler matter of our emotional body. We have often described on this blog how to address this. It is worth taking advantage of these tips to accelerate the return to emotional, mental, and of course, material prosperity, which is merely a consequence of the quality of our emotions and thoughts.

And the quality of our emotions and thoughts does not necessarily have to rely on thinking about positive things or concepts, or so-called positive thinking (a task for those more advanced on the Path). Far more important is recognizing our negative emotions and thoughts and not succumbing to them, letting them pass through us without reacting to them by deed, word, emotion, or even thought. This is not easy, but it ultimately leads to success—complete freedom from fear.

I hope this article brings you a sense of relief and helps ease any lingering fears of spirits returning. May it offer you the clarity needed to see that the presence of these entities only signals a path that no longer aligns with your higher purpose. By embracing this understanding, you can move forward with renewed courage and confidence.



About the Author:

Michael, a co-founder of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, holds a B.A. degree in psychology and is a spiritual teacher and healer, with a specialization in spirit removal. Under the mentorship of Wanda Pratnicka, Michael gained profound spiritual insights into the nuances of spirit attachment phenomenon, and for many years, he played a crucial role in assisting her with the remote spirit removal process. In his leisure time, Michael finds solace in meditation, immerses himself in the timeless beauty of classical music, and cherishes tranquil walks by the sea.


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