How to Protect Yourself from the Influence or Return of Spirits Part 2 2

How to Protect Yourself from the Influence or Return of Spirits? Part 2

Today we will discuss additional aspects of what to do to prevent spirits from returning to us after we have gone through the spirit removal process. We will see how to proceed to prevent spirits of the deceased from approaching us when we are free from possession. This is important for everyone, because all people can potentially be approached by spirits.


How to Prevent Spirits from Returning After Spirit Removal


How to Prevent Spirits from Returning After Spirit Removal


In the last post there was a reference to the fact that the emotional body, also known as the astral body, is not "tightly sealed" in a person who has had a prior problem with spirits. Tightly sealed means compact and strong, and able to resist the emotional / astral forces pushing against it. This sheath is always compromised in people who become possessed by spirits. This is the fundamental reason why spirits can approach us and manipulate our emotions.


Understanding the Role of the Emotional Body in Spirit Attachment

The emotional body is damaged by many forms of human addictive behavior such as consuming alcohol or using cigarettes or drugs. This also occurs when one gives in to uncontrolled emotions such as rage or extreme fear. Such violent emotions can be triggered, for example, by listening to aggressive heavy metal music at a concert, or during a heated sports match. We are most vulnerable when we are actually present in the stadium. These emotions are no longer as intense when we are in front of the TV. However, the emotional body can also be damaged by an excess of positive emotions, or strong experiences of a spiritual nature, especially by using drugs, such as marijuana. The stronger the drug, the stronger its effect on the emotional body.


Why Is Emotional Control Important in Preventing Spirit Attachment?


It follows directly from this that control of our emotional life is a key issue if we are to live in absolute emotional / mental health. We must keep an eye on our emotions, and when there is the slightest inkling that our emotions are becoming too powerful we must pay extra attention and restrain ourselves. We must not react automatically. Such emotional automatic behaviors are of course inherent, our character is largely composed of them, so we must be vigilant in this area more than any other.


Practices to Manifest Emotional Balance and Strengthen the Emotional Body

Taking care to ensure inner peace is a very important step towards manifesting emotional balance. This creates a stable and strong emotional body. Meditating first thing in the morning is a very positive habit, but it must be a wise meditation, such as one where we try to focus our attention on one point, such as on our breath. In this type of meditation practice we push all other thoughts away and only observe our breath.

We will subsequently notice that we start to become very calm, which affects our entire day and greatly improves the quality of our lives, so long as we perform the meditation diligently. There are many books available that teach the most diverse methods of meditation, but please note that quite a few of these methods are actually harmful. Many meditation methods have not been developed for the mind and body of Western people, and cannot successfully work in the environment in which we live.


The Risks and Rewards of Spiritual Development Methods


 The Risks and Rewards of Spiritual Development Methods


Also, delighting in various methods of spiritual development can cost us dearly. We live in physicality. The next higher, subtle layer is the emotional / astral world. It is valuable to be interested in it, but only when we are already very stable emotionally and mentally. If we are unstable for some reason, any method, even the best one, can prove fatal. Unfortunately, all too often it is the emotionally unstable who seek solace in such methods, which can lead to even greater problems. It is necessary to emphasize this point. Spiritual development is very important and necessary, but not when we have emotional problems, or are experiencing trouble with spirits.


How Do We Recognize Our Spiritual Nature and Navigate the Emotional / Astral World?

We are spiritual beings, and our true nature comes from a high spiritual level located above the physical, emotional, and mental world. We long for that which is higher, and we need it just like we need air to breathe. However, this aforementioned higher level, located directly above the physical--that is, the emotional / astral level--carries a great deal of danger. It is in this world that the spirits of the dead reside, waiting for an opportunity to possess us, because then they will receive energy to live from our own being. I tell regular readers of this blog again and again that this is not malicious behavior on the part of the spirits. They are simply trying to survive in the world in which they are stuck.


Building Strong Emotional and Mental Bodies for Spiritual Progress

In order to prepare for the journey home, to our true home--the causal and higher worlds--we must first build very strong emotional and mental bodies. The first step in this direction is to learn absolute control over our own emotions. This is something to be studied for years, perhaps even a lifetime. As most readers already know, of course, we do not live only once on this earth, and we have an infinite amount of time for this study.


Avoiding Shortcuts and Developing Emotional Balance for Astral Control

Therefore, let us not be tempted by promises of shortcuts, especially coming from the world of people teaching esoteric methods. Esotericism is, of course, very necessary for us in the later stages of development, but if our problem is a spirit possession, or even the slightest emotional instability, then our first responsibility is to free ourselves from the possession with the help of a good specialist. We must then work continuously to balance our emotional life, so that no life event, no argument, no attacks from others, no life circumstances or situations can bring us out of balance. Only then will we have enough strength to control the mechanisms of the astral world. Otherwise, entanglement in this world can have negative consequences for many incarnations to come.





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