What to do when the spirits keep coming back

What to do when the spirits keep coming back?

Today's post is dedicated to individuals who are undergoing the spirit removal process, or have completed it, but seem to still be attracting spirits to themselves. The first part of the removal period, which is approximately 5-6 weeks, is the stage during which spirits leave us, but also return. Unfortunately, people continue to attract spirits back after they have been led away, because they are used to their presence.

There are rare cases when a spirit will leave permanently at the first exorcism session, but this is more of an exception. Therefore, during this first period, moments of freedom from spirits vary in length, sometimes it is a whole day or longer, and sometimes only a few seconds. For some people this can be such a short period of time that it is barely noticeable. As the removal process progresses, these periods become longer, until the moment comes when we have a few days of freedom from the spirit, and we begin to get used to the benefits of the state of being "alone."


How Does the Return of the Spirit Affect Us?

Unfortunately, our subconscious acts habitually and sooner or later will draw the spirit back. You know how it is--even if we don't like someone, if we haven't seen them for a long time, we are at least a little bit happy to see them. We just miss familiar people and things, even if they are not good for us. People who have gone through an addiction problem know this dynamic well. In a sense, a possession by spirits is precisely a form of addiction.


Recognizing the Return of Spirits


Recognizing the Return of Spirits


When the spirit returns we may perceive that we are beginning to feel worse. We start to lack energy again, and we get caught up in negative emotions. When the spirit is outside of us these emotions can be very intense, because we feel the emotional body of the spirit with all its strength, as it still resides in the sphere of low human emotions, such as anger, rage, hatred or fear. If the spirit previously influenced our physical body, such as having caused a stomachache or headache, these sensations will come back to us.

Because we have now become accustomed, if only a little, to the forgotten comfort of existence without the spirit, its return may seem much more painful to us than before. Before, it was like a splinter that we had had in our finger for a very long time. We felt discomfort, of course, but it was a dull ache, a constant presence of suffering. Now it is quite different; we feel as if this splinter is being hammered into our finger all over again.


The Importance of Correct Diagnosis

At this time, it is essential for us to notice that these sensations are caused by the return of the spirit to our energy body. It is the spirit that is causing this discomfort and not something else. We must diagnose it correctly, because we have many tools to keep the spirit at bay in this situation. This is actually our task during this period.

It is important to recognize why the spirit is coming back to us in the first place. Most often is because of an emotion that we share with the spirit. For example, it may be anger because we think that our lives are getting worse and worse. Such a belief contradicts the rules of the Universe and will cause suffering. For the truth is that it doesn't matter what we do or what kind of trouble we get into--our lives get better and better anyway, because we accumulate very valuable experiences.

In this particular case, we are reaping the suffering resulting from the aforementioned misconception. Therefore, the pain we are experiencing is only temporary, as the time will come when we realize that this suffering is due to our own thinking. We will understand that it is not an integral feature of life itself, and not a characteristic of the Universe. By changing our thinking, we will change our world for the better. What's more, we will never think this way again, as this experience will be inscribed permanently in our soul and will be with us forever, even if we were to reincarnate in the future.


Shifting Negative Thought Patterns


Shifting Negative Thought Patterns


Recognizing such negative thought patterns is very important for us. This is not only so that we can free ourselves from the suffering that comes from erroneous thinking of the type "life gets worse and worse and worse." People who deal with spirit possession are in a more challenging situation, as in addition to negative thinking itself, spirits come to them, adding to their own tremendous suffering. So we have a double motivation. And this is what possession is for: to increase the motivation to free ourselves from our limitations.


The Role of Spirit Possession in Motivation

So we must work to free ourselves from the spirit. In this situation spirit possession is our greatest suffering, and the suffering coming from the wrong thinking itself is in second place. With the return of the spirit, the pain we felt before the removal process began will return to us, and we have to do what we can to prevent this from happening. The help of our assistants is invaluable here (the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center's staff members who guide people through the removal program). They can see our emotional situation much more clearly than we can ourselves and will be able to elaborate and explain it to us. It is worthwhile to listen to them carefully, instead of focusing on our own suffering or even self-pity, so as not to miss a great opportunity for progress.

Obviously the spirit is attracted by a negative emotion, and we must observe very carefully what that emotion is. As soon as we recognize it we must simply stop holding the emotion in our consciousness. It really is that simple-- all we have to do is stop this thought process, and then we automatically stop the force with which our subconscious attracts the spirit. This will give us freedom from the symptoms of the spirit possession.


Overcoming Spirit Possession: A Practical Example


Let me give you an example so you can better understand this: We feel that there is a spirit around us. Then we need to recognize what we are feeling at that moment.

I must ask myself what emotion I am feeling right now. For example, I may perceive that I feel anger at this moment. Alright, I feel angry. I accept this emotion, I allow it to be, but I do not allow it to influence my actions or the words I say, and after the first recognition of the emotion I no longer pay attention to it. At first this task will be very difficult, because the emotion will demand that we feed it with our energy, and will try to make us act under its influence. If you practice this exercise diligently, you will see that the power of emotions will weaken, and you will become the master of your emotions, and not the other way around.

In the next post, we will delve more deeply into this topic.





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