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Understanding Jealousy, Spirit Possession & How to Overcome Them

October 22, 2022


It is safe to say that each one of us has experienced jealousy at some point in our lives. We have experienced (or many of us are currently experiencing) what it is like to envy others or what it is like when someone envies us. Both scenarios create toxic consequences and can even turn interpersonal relationships into a living hell.

As is the case with everything in the Universe, nothing happens by chance. Jealousy has a very valuable lesson to teach us, and points to a problem that we carry inside of us that demands to be healed. In today's post we will discuss how to deal with our own feelings of jealousy. I can already hear some of you shouting in defiance: “Me, I envy others? It is others who envy, and I never do.” You need to have some courage and admit to yourself that all of us have moments when we do envy someone else. We cannot cure an emotion if we do not want to be aware of having it. So, let us notice the fact that we too can experience envy. How can we notice it? Very simply. Notice when you feel sick to your stomach, or filled with anger or sadness, when you see that someone has something and you do not. The more you care about or desire that particular thing that you don't have, and others do, the more intense your reaction will be. For example: Maybe you are single, you really want to be in a relationship, and every now and then you get an invitation to someone else's wedding. Every time the invitation comes you get nauseous, angry, and start criticizing the young couple. Or maybe you want to earn more money, you are lacking basic needs, and you see people around you who have so much that they do not even know what to do with their money anymore. You start to speculate that they must have cheated someone, their money must be dirty, and that's why they became so rich.

Jealousy often manifests itself in such a way that subconsciously or even consciously we want to hurt people who have that "something" that we don't have. We are unkind and mean towards them, gossip about them and mock them.

Unfortunately, most of us behave like crabs. If we put a few crabs in a bucket and one of the crabs wants to get out of the bucket, the rest of the crabs will pull down the crab that dares to get out of the bucket. We humans behave similarly in the sense that we act according to the mantra "If I don't have it, you shouldn't have it either." Such behavior stems from envy, but also from a lack of self-confidence that we too can achieve a given thing. But it's much easier to drag down a crab who dares to change for the better, because after all, if it comes out of the bucket, our own image will suffer. We will remain the inferior ones, the lazy ones, the losers, so it's best that no one comes out and then we can all complain together about life and bad luck. The perfect solution, isn't it?

Most often such behavior occurs among those closest to each other. This is paradoxical, because it is the people closest to each other who should be most supportive, encouraging, and inspiring, not trying to destroy and block others' dreams.

Extreme jealousy can contribute to possession by spirits. If we get caught up in strong negative emotions, including jealousy, we expose ourselves to allowing all manner of negative energies to stick to our energy field. According to the principle of like attracts like, we attract spirits who also had a problem with jealousy during their lifetime. If such a spirit attaches itself to us, then from that moment on we are not only dealing with our own emotion of envy, but also the emotion of envy coming from the spirit. The emotion emanating from the spirit is many times more intense, and its influence can force a person to perform extreme acts. For example, a husband can constantly check on his wife, follow her around, limit her actions, start quarrels and wrongfully accuse her of cheating on him. For more information on spirit possession and jealousy, please refer to Wanda Pratnicka's book Possessed by Ghosts, chapter: Jealousy. 

So how to cure your jealousy?

First of all, you must know that you attract into your life everything that you fear. And the basis of jealousy is fear. The moment you start to envy you send a signal to the Universe that says, "I don't have it and I will never get it.” And the Universe responds to us with wonderful precision and you get exactly what you thought, which is "I will never achieve this.” Voila!

Try to quickly catch that first moment when you start to feel jealousy, and instead of reacting allow yourself to feel that emotion. Feel how everything boils inside you and you become ready to attack or to cry or grieve. Then ask yourself: How would I behave or what would I say if I didn't have jealousy in me? Decide that it is from this healthy point of view that you will continue the conversation or behave in the future. Think about how the situation would be different if you didn't feel jealous? At this point you may feel an even greater desire to be jealous, but you should firmly decide that you will not give in to this negative energy. This way you will no longer send a signal to the Universe that a given thing is unattainable for you.

You can also turn jealousy into inspiration. The Universe is abundant and there is enough for everyone, including you. All you have to do is to open yourself to a given thing, believe that you too are worthy to receive it, and you look forward to it in joy. Let other people serve as an example demonstrating that since they have achieved it, you too can achieve a given thing. You have within you everything that you already need to attain this.

If you are dealing with very intense feelings of jealousy, which you find difficult to control, it is worth checking if by chance you are not dealing with spirit possession. As long as there are spirits attached, they will bombard you with intense negative emotions.

In our next post we will discuss how to deal with jealousy that is directed at us by other people.





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