Whether or not you believe in ghosts you owe it to yourself to read Wanda Pratnicka’s book.

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Dr. Pratnicka’s bestselling book has helped thousands with spirit attachments, depression, illness, anxiety and more.


Possessed By Ghosts covers an unacknowledged problem with which the majority of humankind is struggling: possession by ghosts, aka spirit attachment. Spirit attachment is one of the most unknown, controversial, misunderstood and disregarded forms of energetic and spiritual illness; yet for over 45 years, world-renowned healer & exorcist Wanda Pratnicka, PhD., has helped tens of thousands of people around the world find relief from their emotional and physical pain by removing attached spirits.

What are ghosts or spirits?

Ghosts, aka spirits, are the souls of people you may have known or not have known who have died but for various reasons didn’t pass through to the other side of death’s curtain. For instance, your loved one’s spirit could possibly not realize that they have died, or they didn’t have the courage to depart to the other world. Sometimes, in your grief, you may inadvertently keep a spirit from moving on, too.

What is possession by spirits?

Following the death of their body, a soul (aka spirit) who doesn’t transition to the other side, starts to feel a depletion of their energy, making it weaker. The self-preservation instinct kicks in and, as a result, the spirit decides to steal energy from a living person by attaching itself to the living person’s body or energetic field. If a soul who has died attaches itself to you, then suddenly you may start to experience constant anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intrusive thoughts, powerful negative emotions, mood swings, insomnia, lack of energy, poor memory, and addiction, plus many more symptoms.

How do you know if you are possessed?

Most movies get it wrong. People who are experiencing spirit attachment don’t bump into walls, howl, vomit, or scream uncontrollably. If you feel inexplicably helpless, isolated, or unhealthy and you’ve tried everything to improve matters, but nothing has worked, then you may be experiencing an attachment or possession. You do not have to feel ashamed of your emotional pain, alienate yourself, or face every day with great struggle. If you suddenly start to feel unlike yourself and are easily irritable, experience mood swings, are more difficult to deal with or reach more frequently for alcohol or drugs, you may have an attachment. Some statistics report that one out of every 12 people has a spirit attached to them; so do not feel alone.

In this book you will learn the following:

  • How to free yourself from emotional pain
  • What happens at the moment of death
  • Why souls decide to stay behind
  • What makes you more susceptible to spirit attachment
  • How you can grieve after a loved one’s death without courting a spirit attachment
  • How ghost possession, aka spirit attachment, may be influencing your emotions.
  • How an attachment might be responsible for anxiety, depression, mood swings, addiction,
  • negative emotions, mental illnesses and, often, physical illnesses, cause chronic diseases.
  • How to lead to a life of peace and satisfaction with enthusiasm
Featured in:

This book is for you, if ...

  you have been suffering emotionally or physically for a long time,

  doctors cannot diagnose you, you simply don’t feel like yourself, or

  you are looking for an explanation why your family member may be behaving in irrational ways.





Wanda Pratnicka, PhD., is an internationally recognized leader in esoteric science and a leading voice in the phenomenon of spirit attachment. She has dealt with tens of thousands of people around the world who have suffered from emotional & mental disturbances and physical illnesses that were considered to be incurable. Wanda’s unique ability is that she is able to diagnose and remove spirit entities, aka ghosts, from people remotely; no matter where a person is located. She has been a guest speaker on many TV and radio shows, as well as a presenter for national and international conferences. Her first book Possessed by Ghosts became a bestseller shortly after its first publication. Wanda is also the author of the book series In the Wheel of Life Volumes 1-3. Her most recent book is Know the Truth and Be Free.

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