The Universe

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 


The Universe is the sum of all things visible and invisible, and it fills endless space. It is one big whole consisting of innumerable various parts. The universe is a second name of God, because whatever we would say of God, we could also say of the Universe or rather, of the Multiverse since it consists of innumerable Universes. The purpose of the Universe is the purpose of the Ultimate Universe. God described himself: "I am the Lord, and there is no one else; there is no God besides me." The Universe is an Absolute, it is EVERYTHING. It is the sum of all life, substance, intelligence, and power. It is also the sum of all substance, since out of Him all things were made. It is all-love, since it is bonded in one system and operates as a single individual, an indivisible ONE. Love is the main Principle combining and fundamentally binding the universe in perfect harmony through all of its actions.

The human being is a part of the whole that we call the Universe, dear reader, so the Universe is a stage for your innermost dreams to come true. Dreams that you can imagine can become realized, and not those that you cannot see. As you can see, the system of constantly creating miracles is dynamic. What you can imagine is what you get from the Universe. Think about what the Universe will give you when you constantly imagine the worst outcome of every situation. Can you see this nuance, this trap that so many people are lured into? The Universe is built to react to our consciousness, but it gives back the same level of consciousness you bring into it. If you are aware of poverty, this awareness attracts it to you even more. If you are aware of wealth, wealth will grow. This is what this text from the Bible concerns: "Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them. For to the one who has, more will be given, and he will have abundance...". (Matthew 14:29) This applies to what a man believes he has. As you can see, your thought patterns attract circumstances to you and experiences that perfectly reflect your daily thoughts and emotions.

People are bombarded by bad news from every direction. Watch the news, a film, or a cartoon for children on TV and you will see violence, bloodshed, and lack of any respect for life everywhere. You can only learn how many people were raped, cheated, and robbed. Imagine the lives of the people that consume this type of diet for even a few hours a day. Are they happy and satisfied? What kind of society will be created by the children that watch this and internalize everything they see? 

This is why there are so many people in this world that don’t understand themselves. The more they try, work, and sacrifice, the worse, instead of better, they feel. They work and work, even have few jobs, but instead of earning more, they have less money. They walk through life increasingly tired and disheartened. They wonder what is wrong with them, because no matter how much effort they put into breaking free, they fall deeper into the pit. Do you understand now, dear reader, what the consequences are? Well, they get more and more of what they think about every day. They can change their situation, of course, even without more effort, they just have to change their thinking, and the emotions will follow. I realize that my words by themselves are not able to teach anything. True learning can be drawn from life’s experiences only. However, combining my words with your practice can bring visible advantages. So always remember that what you turn your attention to, what you think about, and what you believe or what expect will manifest in your life, dear reader.

In the early days of a man, he strongly remembered Who He Was in Essence, and there was not even one negative word in his vocabulary. He lived within God and with God. It couldn’t be different since the Source, God, Universe, Highest Intelligence, Higher Force, or whatever you decide to call it have always Been, Are, and Will Be always. Nothing has changed, except for human perception. You will learn about how it happened in the chapter about lost civilization. 

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