Book Excerpts

 Below are excerpts from Wanda Pratnicka's book "In the Wheel of Life" Vol.1 


From the chapter "Introduction": 

Dear reader, you are holding in your hands my next book. It is a continuation and extension of my previous book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century which succeeded greatly despite much skepticism. It was not only a bestseller in Poland and other countries around the world, but it improved the lives of both the living and the dead. If you didn’t read my first book, I highly recommend that you do so because it provides the basis for many of the issues that I present here. 

The intent of my previous book was to raise people's consciousness and make them realize that what we commonly call death is only an abandonment of the body, similar to taking off clothing, while pointing out examples of what leads to the lack of such basic knowledge. Almost every child knows that ghosts of deceased people exist, but I wanted to show how tragic consequences can have a connection between the astral world and physical world, especially when we approach our own lives in a frivolous way.