Beliefs and Your Body

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

Perhaps during your life (for example: maybe through watching commercials) you learned to fear for your body. It was instilled in you the view that your body could break down on its own, without any clear reason. And if it could break down any day, almost without a cause, then you grew to believe its actions are unpredictable so you couldn't rely on it, you couldn't trust it. This is downright nonsense however. A body is a self-regenerating intelligence. The above-mentioned way of thinking is caused by limited beliefs and this is what blocks the flow of life energy through your body. Each sickness, and it is different for each person without exception, serves to inform one part of I, through the second part, that something in your life isn't working as it should. This applies to your emotional reactions towards life which in turn are based on your beliefs. In order to understand messages that come from inside of your body, it is first essential to have your body's complete acceptance and respect, and its inner intelligence. When you understand what your body has to tell you, you would have no reason to be sick, and each sickness would go away by itself before it manifests itself on the physical plane. As you already know, a body consists of individual cells, molecules, atoms and subatomic particles. Every one of them leads a separate, intelligent life. When connected as one, in a great union (your body), these cells enable you to become visible in the three-dimensional physical world and utilize them for experiencing. You probably saw one of the shows during the Olympics' opening ceremony where hundreds of individuals form a group in the stadium, coming together in unison to represent beautiful scenes. It is the same with individual cells, molecules etc. They group together in great formations to create your liver, eyes, hands etc. All of this happens so that the soul would be able to have experiences in the three-dimensional world, in order for you to see for yourself and function in it. Your body is an unimaginable miracle of nature. It is the world's greatest laboratory. Your organs, blood and bones all work according to a Higher Intelligence and that Higher Intelligence directs this great mass of cells and also perfectly and efficiently controls your individual organs. You don't consciously instruct your individual organs about what they should do. Your Higher Intelligence does that for you. Your cells communicate with each other, but they don't work arbitrarily, rather they obediently react to the Higher Intelligence's (meaning your) commands. You wouldn't be able to consciously direct such a great mass of individual cells. Therefore, this happens beyond your consciousness which makes it seem as though it were happening on its own. Nobody but you, give commands to make this communication process easier. Such commands are your beliefs. Thanks to these beliefs, your body's individual cells, as well as its organs know how to maintain a functioning body. 

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