Book Excerpts

Below excerpts from the book written by Wanda Pratnicka "In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

From the chapter "Introduction": 

Once again, I welcome you dear reader. In the first volume of this book I presented the soul's journey coming down to earth. I presented the soul as though it was making this journey for the first time. I couldn't present it differently, because many people believe that they were born on earth for the first time and the life they lead in their physical body is their only life. 

In volume II, I expand on this and present life from various perspectives. I hope that this revives latent inner knowledge we all have so that you can decide for yourself what you should believe in. I will lead you in this quest not just from birth to death, but beyond death to the point where you make the decision whether to remain in Heaven or return to earth. 

You will come to appreciate how important your current physical life is (how much it influences life after "death") and realize that it doesn't simultaneously end with the loss of your physical body. After "death" we continue living, but in more subtle, higher worlds. That is why in volume I I described subtle bodies in detail; so that you would understand they are essential instruments of our inner being.