The Seances

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 2 

The sense of the séances needs to be understood correctly. At one time a spiritualist or medium was much needed since they played parts of discoverers/inventors. They proved to other people that there is something more than a physical world. They should be praised for their efforts because it is thanks to them that our understanding of reality has become more enlightened. Not many contemporary people, however, pay attention to the fact that all of them paid an enormous price for their studies (such as Maria Sklodowska-Curie, twofold Nobel prizewinner, who died because of perennial radiation exposure to radioactive roots). People studying the ghost's world suffered not only during their lives but long after the death of their physical bodies, even through many incarnations. They didn't realize that they become the victims of possessions by studying the ghost's world. Many of them lost not only their vital forces but personalities too. And how many of them died in agony because of madness or various physical diseases caused by the ghosts? It is not only the possession (meaning wasting of a certain incarnation) but stopping in the growth process, which is definitively a larger consequence of such studies. The effects are more serious, however. Many of them will not be able to come out of the disorientation, stagnation, or attraction to ghosts for as many as seven incarnations. This is the cost of the fascination with spiritualism. It is one thing to sacrifice your present and future life for a higher ideal, which was turning people's attention to the existence of the non-physical world. It is another to mindlessly expose yourself to things that have been proven a long time ago. There is no need to reinvent the wheel because it already exists. 

Many people show determination in wasting their lives contacting ghosts. They don't realize that their attraction to ghosts comes from the mistakes of earlier incarnations. Like addicts, they cannot break free of this vicious circle. They need to show sturdy perseverance in breaking these attractions, which is the only way they can liberate themselves. The attraction to ghosts is the same as any other addiction and it needs to be treated the same. Either you oppose it with all your might or you give in and hit rock bottom.
Many people could protest at this point. They say, Mrs. Pratnicka says not to contact ghosts but she does it herself." Some people think that I want to keep the exorcisms for myself. They would like to be able to do what I do. They assume the exorcisms are something unusual and the people performing them are exceptional. But I am neither a spiritualist nor a medium. I don't do anything out of curiosity and the ghosts as personalities don't interest me at all. All that exists to me is the higher part of man, his soul.

That's why I try to help the soul first and the body second. It is one thing to know everything about ghosts and stand on hard, safe ground. It is another thing to see, hear and feel ghosts (be aware of them). You will admit the difference between the scientist who knows everything about electric current and a person realizing what the electric current is by experiencing an electric shock. To haul anybody out of the astral swamp (possession) you need to stand on solid, safe ground. By standing in the swamp yourself you cannot help another person inside of it. 

If I was remotely interested in ghosts I would submerge myself in their abyss like a swamp. If you see or feel ghosts you have already passed the safe border. The highest priority is then getting out of this astral swamp now and refraining from being interested in its content. Freeing oneself of ghosts can be exclusively done by a person that is absolutely free of them, standing on solid ground. The knowledge concerning exorcisms, or rather wisdom came to me without any effort on my part. I could say I was born with it. Maybe I came to this world just to make people aware of it. If I thought I risked becoming possessed while performing exorcisms, I would never do them. I think that for many exorcists it is very dangerous to perform this job. They confirm it by coming to me for help.

People easily get involved in the various games ghosts play and they are later surprised that this phenomenon consumed them, that ghosts possessed them and they cannot control themselves. They often say, "Mrs. Pratnicka, please help. A man closes the stable door after the horse has bolted." The experience shows, however, that this wisdom doesn't fall on those who are interested in ghosts in most cases, even if they suffered. They get easily fooled and give control of their lives to the ghosts. It's reminiscent of a man who lies himself down on railroad tracks with the irrational belief that the coming train will not run him over. I hope that when you have read this book, you won't be interested in ghosts no matter what they promise to you and that your life will become more meaningful. 

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