The Beginnings of the Lost Civilization

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3

When you came to the physical world you knew you wouldn't be alone there. You wouldn't have an opportunity to experience what you desire if you were alone. A great number of volunteers came to the world along with you-pioneers who agreed to the same that you did. You needed each other because it was the only way you could learn and express increasing love and wisdom.

You had your free will and you could do whatever came to your mind, but you consciously chose joining your will with the will of God. You acted exclusively in accordance to His Plan. Under His Guidance you created one big family of light, in peace and love. You made the Earth a wonderful place to learn, where love and wisdom found an ideal chance to grow and be expressed.

I may surprise you, dear reader, at this point. You didn't come to the raw, undeveloped Earth. God, our Creator, wouldn't put any of His creatures on the Earth before the conditions necessary for their ideal growth are fulfilled. (As you can guess, life on Earth didn't start from Stone Age, as they teach us at school, but rather much later. You will learn about how it reached the point of powerful human egress in the following pages.)

Don't you believe? Look around and see the great love and solicitude. God cares for his creatures. "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them." (Matthew 6:26) People that trust in God don't worry every day like most contemporary people do. They are always trustful and believe that food is awaiting them. They know they live in the Heavenly Kingdom so they all have equal access to the Goods that there are There. 

Isn't it strange? They are not even partly intelligent as people and they never lack food or a place for themselves and their families. If they fought each other, anxiety would sneak into their lives and then they would lack everything. You can observe this behavior among animals living with people.

God is our Father, and other people are brothers to us. He also feeds us and takes cares of us. Realize it. You don't have to fight for a place at God's table just to get scraps. When you treat it with love, there will be enough food (and everything else you could wish for) for yourself and everyone else around, no matter how many of them are there. It is enough to trust. It is distrust and not lack of things that creates in your life shortages. 

If you cannot trust that there is enough good for you, you are filled with fear and anxiety. The Great Principle of Life says: you attract what you fear. Shouldn't you have an easier life having such a wonderful intelligence, or better, shouldn't you feel safer than other forms of life? You are a beloved Son of God.

Realize this fact: You have been persuaded that you were exiled to the Earth. It is indisputable at the same time that God gave you free will so you had the right to decide whether you want to descend to It or stay in Heaven. Following this way of thinking, you would not undertake this mission if you were not absolutely sure that both in Heaven and on Earth you have always been under God's perfect and permanent care. You just forgot about it for a while.