Book Excerpts

Below excerpts from the book written by Wanda Pratnicka "In the Wheel of Life", Volume 3 

From the chapter "Mother Earth": 

Dear reader, before I start describing the ancient civilization, I would like to share lost knowledge about the planet you live on. You will understand while reading how coherent it is and how much we all need it. The future of our lives on Earth together depends on our knowledge or ignorance. People are slowly destroying themselves and the planet because of their ignorance.

It would probably be different if everybody realized that our World, our Earth, is not a dead solid made of rocks, soil, and water but a living organism! Yes, you didn't mishear me. Our planet is a living, feeling, and continuously growing being. Just like a human organism consists of an infinite number of intelligent, independent cells, the Earth's organism is made of the beating hearts of humanity. Each creature is like a cell of its body.

The Earth is a wonderful, unique Being that consists of every single life inhabiting It, even the smallest one. Its value is life that is on It.

A man has his physical body and subtle bodies, as I mentioned in the two previous volumes. It is similar with Earth. Besides the tangible, physical external world you see around, the Earth has its own intangible, subtle, internal range. It consists of thoughts, feelings, and powers, similar to a human's. If you looked into it you would see the world of light, life, and beauty that, though invisible, has an enormous power. An external world, both human and earthly, is a mirror reflection of an inner world.