Reviewer: Shirley Johnson 


There are times when I am asked to read and review a work that I know I must put my own personal beliefs aside to be fair in my review, this was the case with the work "Possessed By Ghosts." Although I certainly do feel we are influences by those of the spirit realm, my take on whom or what we are dealing with is a little different than our authors. Nevertheless, her work was intriguing, interesting, well written and I sensed a sincere desire to help mankind as I read her book. That is always refreshing. 

"Possessed By Ghosts," written by renowned exorcist and healer, Wanda Pratnicka is a work where our author opens her heart to you, and shares many years of her experience with freeing not only those troubled by ghosts, but the ghosts themselves.. Bridging this world with the next, she explains how she believes those departed influence our lives and often cause sickness and mishap. She gives testimonies and tells of different circumstances where this has occurred, taking time to answer the questions, you the reader, are sure to have. Carefully explaining her position as an exorcist and healer; Ms. Pratnicka offers solutions to these difficulties. 

I believe we all have had some experience with those that we cannot see, even if we are not quick to admit it. In this work, Wanda Pratnicka offers you her answer to who these intruders from the spiritual side are, exactly what they are doing, and what you can do about it. Perhaps your answer lies within the pages of this work. You decide. 

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