Below are excerpts from Wanda Pratnicka's book
"Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in 21st Century" 

Why have such large numbers of souls not taken advantage of their right to pass through to the other side of death's curtain? Why are there so many souls suspended between heaven and earth? There are many reasons. The most important is the fact that they haven't come to believe in their own death. Little has changed for them. They overlooked the moment of death and judge that they live on. Often they are people closest to us. A father, mother, brother, sister, grandparent, friends, neighbors, colleagues from work or school. Will you meet with the same fate in the future?

When I ask a soul like that: "Do you know you're not alive?" the surprised answer I receive is: "No, I don't know." And straight after that: "What do you mean I'm not alive? What are you saying: of course I'm alive. How could you talk with me if I wasn't alive? After all, I can see, and hear, and feel!" So I repeat again: "No, you are not alive." Then they're angry and curse, others cry out: "God, why didn't anyone ever tell me life exists after death?" I hear this every day and that's why I decided to write this book.

I want to make you realize, dear reader, that what you know about death, how you think about it during your life and what you expect of it influences what happens to you after death, what fate awaits you. I wrote it for those who are brave and ready enough to prepare themselves and their nearest ones – now, when they have enough time – for a conscious and safe passage through to the other side of death's curtain. All of us, sooner or later, will have to confront this problem – in other words, to die. And we have certainly experienced situations where someone close to us departed. Souls which haven't passed through to the other side of death's curtain reckon they live on as before on earth, that nothing has changed for them. But does that mean that after their deaths nothing has changed for us who remain alive?