How it Influences us?

Below are excerpts from Wanda Pratnicka's book
"Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in 21st Century" 

From now on I shall refer to the souls which have refused to pass through to the other side of death's curtain as ghosts. After some time following the death of the body the ghost notices that it's beginning to be short of energy and it doesn't really know where to get it from. If it were in touch with other ghosts then it would probably realize how it should proceed but at the beginning it doesn't notice its companions and is left to itself. It becomes weaker and weaker, more and more apathetic, it finds it ever harder to think. The self-preservation instinct kicks in.(...)

Many ghosts don't know what source to use to recharge their energy and they resolve to steal it. Some of them sees nothing wrong in it, others feel bad judging that they're doing something reprehensible. Those will be the ones who most often don't hook up to a specific person but draw their energy bit by bit from various people. They will frequently attend large gatherings of people. All ghosts who haven't passed through to the other side of death's curtain must find a source of energy in order to function. They could ask God for it but they either don't want to or don't have the courage to. They prefer to steal it from an animal, a human being, or a plant.(...)

A ghost which has decided not to pass through to the other side of death's curtain will most often return to its family which it has recently left. Grief reigns in their home, everyone is shattered, broken, resigned. The mourners will often give anything to be able to put the clock back so that the beloved soul could be back among them, alive. Behaving this way we ensure that the soul cannot depart.(...)

When a ghost which did not pass through to the other side of death's curtain returns to its family and the family desires its return then there is not the slightest difficulty with energy. It simply hooks up to the members of the household and draws the energy from them. The mourners are usually so broken by their misfortune that to begin with they don't notice that the ghost has permeated one of them. When they do notice it's often too late for a response.(...)

A person in a normal state of mind will not allow anyone to take their energy, let alone allow themselves to be pervaded. Ghosts sense this and they seek out people who will allow them to suck from them like leeches for ever.(...)

Often ghosts stay outside a person but sometimes they may unwittingly enter inside. It's like a ghost walking close to a secret entrance and, by accident, leaning against the door which opens and the ghost accidentally falls inside. That's how a person can become possessed by a ghost which never planned it and never wanted it.(...)

When one ghost hooks up to a healthy and strong person it can at first not be noticed. Although the person will feel a fall in energy levels, they'll probably put it down to the weather or overwork. When several ghosts hook up things present themselves differently. The person becomes apathetic, sluggish, doesn't want to do anything, is touchy. Sometimes they might start being ill. But to begin with they don't notice that there's something amiss with them.(...)

How is it possible, many will ask, for a ghost to pervade the body of a human being? It often happens when we lose consciousness, e.g. when we undergo an operation and are given an anesthetic. Another opportunity for ghosts is when we lose consciousness even for a few seconds, by hitting our heads or during shock after an accident. All alcoholic libations provide ghosts with excellent opportunities. Young people are using drugs more and more often and thereby opening themselves wide to being permeated by ghosts. Even moments of a tiny change of consciousness during the smoking of a cigarette enables ghosts to gain possession. Sometimes we are sick, resigned and unconsciously we allow a ghost to enter our body. During mourning we are practically helpless if we descend into despair for the departed and open up to the other side. At such times we can be possessed by a mass of ghosts. When we play at spiritual seances, particularly if we're ignorant about it, it can happen that ghosts can come into the bodies and the minds of the participants permanently. You have to know how to lead the summoned ghosts back but the majority of people organizing these seances don't know that. It's easy to be possessed when we do tarot readings without knowing much about it or when we meditate in the wrong way. Ghosts frequently hook up to people or permeate them when they lose control of their emotions and show a tendency to identify with negative energies like anger, hatred etc.(...)

A ghost usually hooks up to a person because it seems that it's the only way to get access to energy. It's similar when it pervades the body of a human. It may know that it's doing something evil but it believes that it wouldn't be able to exist or to function the way it would like to without doing it. It's more to do with the instinct for self-preservation, the instinct to survive than it is with the ghost's malevolence, as many believe.(...)