When a Soul Remains

Below are excerpts from Wanda Pratnicka's book
"Possessed by Ghosts - Exorcisms in 21st Century" 

When a soul turns away from the Light and doesn't want to pass through to the other side of death's curtain, no-one tries to dissuade it from that course. God gave us free will and the soul can always, even at the moment of death, take advantage of it. Up until then the soul had help from all around, enough energy and an aim, it knew where to go. From the moment it shuts itself off from the chance to enter "Heaven" it starts to wonder what to do next. Most often it returns to its near ones, its family or to people with whom it was directly involved during its life. That's where it feels safest. It can also return to its home, to the hospital where it lay, to friends, to the cemetery, to its grave, to the church if it used to like being there, to its estate, to the bar where it can drink alcohol at will or shoot up with drugs.

Most of the souls which died in an accident stay in the place where it happened, constantly re-creating it. What has to be done then is to awaken the soul, make it realize that it is no longer alive.