Haunted Houses



Many people come to me with a variety of problems - diseases, emotional and mental disturbances, various kinds of misfortunes, suicides, burglaries, and even murders. I start by looking for some starting point, a moment at which everything began. It often turns out to be tied to moving into a new apartment or house.

When we think of haunted houses what comes to mind is an old, abandoned and frightening property which we're scared to approach let alone live in. Such extreme cases of haunting are exceptional. There is a whole range of visitations, from insignificant, completely harmless ones, to the very severe. Some merely make people's lives more difficult, but there are those which make it completely impossible.




Throughout my work I have found that some people are so connected to their wealth that they do not want to leave it, even after death. When we are alive we are entitled to use and enjoy our wealth, but when we pass over to the other side, we must leave it behind. Not everyone is prepared to accept that.

When someone realizes they cannot take their property with them and do not want to leave it to anyone, they might resolve to stay with it forever. When they die their spirit stays around the house, even if the property is in major disrepair and looking awful. They get deeply attached and do not want to leave. In some cases these ghosts will make it very difficult for anybody else to live in that house.

Another group of ghosts are people who died suddenly in an accident and did not realize they are no longer alive. They behave very differently from the previous group - they spend their days going to work in the morning, coming home in the evening and continuing their routine. They may visit friends and continue their normal life. It will look like a dream state to them, where some things do not make sense (e.g. nobody can see them and people are not responding to them), but they carry on normally, just as we do when we are in a dream. These ghosts may live in a house with other human beings and cause no problems at all.

Other ghosts will overlook the moment of their death and live in their house as if nothing has happened. This is not always a problem at first but after some time they can start resuming their old habits, which can be especially difficult if there are new owners. If the ghost was tidy and gentle, then you may not experience anything. But if the ghost was untidy and inconsiderate of others’ feelings, it may be noisy, bang about, knock things over and make a mess.

Some ghosts are well aware that they are dead and want to make contact with us. They can try to draw attention to themselves and may do this for years on end. These spirits can eventually become vicious if they are not being heard.

If we move into a haunted house built on the ground of a former cemetery, battlefield, place of execution of hostages, crime or catastrophe, then we expose ourselves to having to live through the most extreme of human experiences, the suicides of people close to us and maybe even our own. That is the very thing we seek to avoid when we build or move into a new home. Even an apartment needs to be checked to ascertain if the previous owner died and, if he did, whether or not he has passed through to the other side. Ghosts who were summoned will remain in the house and after short period of time possess people who live there. Also, when we perform healing sessions we may unconsciously attract ghosts to our home.




Unexplained noises / Knocking in the ceiling or walls

Lights turning on and off

Items disappearing and reappearing

Unexplained shadows, orbs, clouds of smoke

Strange animal behavior

Chills and fatigue

Feelings of being watched

Feelings of vibrations

Feelings of being touched by unseen hands (cuts or bruises may appear)

Feelings of cobwebs on your face or body

Unpleasant odors

Sexual contact / Spiritual Rape

Hearing voices of people




Ghosts often seek to hook up permanently to people (including children) who reside at haunted houses. From the moment they posses someone that person has inside them, apart from their own spirit the ghost of another human being. The person becomes apathetic, sluggish, doesn’t want to do anything, is touchy. Sometimes they may start being ill. I receive many phone calls and emails each week from people who believe that there are ghosts at their home, but after taking a closer look I find that ghosts had already possess them. Now not only they feel negative symptoms while being at home, but also anywhere they go. People often try to get rid of ghosts using: holy water, smudging, haunted objects removal, white candle clearing, Feng Shui or rice + salt. I find these methods to be in most cases unsuccessful.

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