common symptoms of spirit attachment

Always Cold

If you feel constantly cold even in a warm place, then it is very likely that you can be helped.

Spirit attachments are often the cause of feeling constantly cold (especially hands and feet), chills, and overall discomfort.  All things in our universe are constantly in motion and vibrating. Temperature is affected by vibration. Molecules vibrate faster at higher temperatures and slower in lower temperatures. For example, when you slow down molecules of water, water freezes. Spirits who have not transitioned to the other side have much lower vibrations then living persons. When a spirit connects with a living person it lowers (slows down) the person’s vibrations. Because of the lower vibrations the person may start to feel much colder than usual.

To give you another example remember when you last placed your hand in a bucket of ice. Almost immediately your hand started to hurt because you dramatically lowered the vibrations in your hand. It is similarly with spirits. When a spirit connects to a living person it suddenly lowers the person’s vibrations and as a result the person starts to feel overall discomfort.