Chronic Fatigue / Lack of Energy

If you feel chronic fatigue, resigned, general antipathy, indifference, impairment, insensibility, frigidity, lack of enthusiasm, indecisiveness, or fear of making decisions, sluggishness then its' very likely that you can be helped. chronic fatigue in life is a quite frequent indication that we are dealing with possession. Often such a ghost will draw the energy from us so powerfully that we no longer have the desire for anything even for things which we had previously enjoyed greatly. 

Ghosts steal energy from weak people, sick people, old people, people in a state of alcoholic or narcotic dependence, tired people, sleep-deprived people, anxious, depressed or frightened people. In other words people who are already short of energy themselves. That's because they're not in a condition to sense the ghost's activity and to respond to it appropriately. A person like that most often doesn't suspect that they have a companion who shares the daily portion of energy that God gives them. They lose their health and their strength without knowing why. Acting like this ghosts can cause a body's exhaustion which can lead to serious illness. 

Many people know the difference as to their energy level between the time before possession and after. They know that they would live on a very low energy level comparing to the time before possession but most of them don’t recognize the reason for that.

If you experience chronic, constant weakness, if you're tormented by drowsiness, anemia, lack of enthusiasm even though you're constantly fighting against it then it's very likely that you can be helped. Chronic, constant weakness can affect all those who are possessed by a larger number of ghosts. Just one ghost is a heavy burden on our energy system. When there are more ghosts we can become so exhausted that when we wake from a long sleep we won't have the strength to make ourselves breakfast. Chronic, constant weakness is affecting more and more people.

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