Frequent Abdominal Pains and Headaches

If you suffer from head or stomach aches accompanied by anxiety, fear, apprehension, concern, dread, irritation, migraine, heartburn, then it is very likely that you can be helped. Head or stomach aches are often an indication that there are ghosts within our bodies or our auras. Ghosts position themselves inside our bodies most often in the energy centers located, among others, beneath the belly button, in the solar plexus and on the forehead which is painfully experienced by our bodies in form of stomach ache or headache. 

We do not realize that every illness, every ache (like headache or stomach ache) is our ally and plays a very important part in our lives, namely its purpose is to draw our attention to something we are doing inappropriately. It is a messenger informing our consciousness, just like a mailman ringing at our door warning us by letter of the consequences of our activities. When we feel pain, or when we fall sick, is a good time to consider what isn't quite the way it should be in our lives. When we reach for a pill we ignore this very valuable warning sign. What is our great ally we treat as an enemy. We feel sorry for ourselves for being so wretched because we're in pain when somebody else isn't. We feel unhappy because we have been struck down by an illness instead of celebrating that we have been given a chance to develop. When someone in my company complains about e.g. a headache and reaches for a pill I ask straight away who is it they're so mad at that it's given them a headache. Almost always what follows is a moment of outrage and reproaches like: "What are you talking about?" or "How can you be so insensitive, I've got such a fearful headache and you're making jokes about it." But that brief moment gives time for reflection. Usually it's enough for that person to see who or what they're angry at and to understand their problem. Usually, too, at that same moment they reply, astounded and incredulous: "How is it possible for that terrible pain to pass so quickly?" Sometimes it's being mad at someone else, but most often it's being mad at themselves. When we come to understand why and with whom we're furious, the pain goes like it's been touched by a magic wand. Pain only gives a signal – "Attention! There is a situation which is getting on your nerves. Heal it." It doesn't matter who or what is getting on our nerves. We suffer while that "someone", the perpetrator of our suffering more often than not, doesn't even realize he or she is its cause because it's not he, or she, but we who have something to see through and we have to deal with it ourselves. Sometimes that person has to be forgiven, often we have to forgive ourselves. When we know what the cause of our pain is then it's up to us alone what we do with the situation next. If we reach for pills the headache will pass, true, but what will also pass is a marvelous chance to understand ourselves and to feel masters of the situation instead of victims. Instead of taking our lives into our own hands we give it up into the hands of the doctors and the pharmacists. Does it not make you wonder that God gives us such simple solutions and we don't want to be aware of them? All it needs is to be vigilant the moment we feel a pain somewhere and to ask the pain: "Why are we suffering in that part of our body?" We will most certainly receive a reply and then we will know what is not functioning well in our lives. The body always informs us, all that's needed is to pay attention to it. Every part of our body reflects a different problem and tells us what needs mending in our lives. It's enough to identify the symptoms and to fix them.

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