common symptoms of spirit attachment


If you are seeing orbs; patterns; lights; beings; or objects that are not there, then it’s very likely that you can be helped.

Hallucinations are often caused by spirit attachments. When a spirit is strongly attached to a living person and heavily influenced by them, that person may start to see through the spirit’s “eyes” and have insights into the world where the spirits resides, namely the astral world.

Please note we are not talking about hallucinations that could happen when a person is under influence of substances, medications or lacks sleep. We are speaking of hallucinations that take place when a person is sober and rested. It is possible that prior substance use, energy healing, or attendance at spiritual seminars aimed to speed up psychic abilities opened them up to spirit attachment. Even though they no longer participate in such activities or use substances, spirits remain attached to them and cause them to see images that are not there along with all kinds of emotional disturbances