If you're tormented by hypochondria, imaginary illnesses, and people unfairly call you a malingerer then it's very likely that you can be helped. Hypochondria is often caused by the presence of ghosts inside a person. A person may have concerns about his or her health. Ghosts which suffered from all sorts of diseases during their lives often come to such people. The mechanism at work here is that birds of a feather gather together. Or - the thing I fear is the thing I attract to myself. Let us posit that such a person is possessed by 2, 3 or 4 ghosts which suffered from various maladies during their lives. This person will feel the symptoms of one disease in his body at one moment, then a different one, and a moment later a different one still, depending on which ghost is dominant within the person at a given moment. All those around him or her will tap their foreheads, but for the person concerned those symptoms are as real as they can be. Hypochondria vanishes completely when the ghosts causing the problem leave.

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