common symptoms of spirit attachment

Intrusive Thoughts

If you suffer from intrusive or unwanted thoughts that are violent, disturbing or obsessive then it is very likely that you can be helped.

A common symptom of spirit attachment is intrusive thoughts. When a spirit connects with a living person, the spirit infuses the living person with strong negative emotions such as irritation, fury, hatred, and fear, which all come from the world it exists in. As a result the individual may experience intense negative thoughts that are near impossible to turn off. Such thoughts often trigger anxiety, guilt, panic or disgust. The content of intrusive thoughts often consists of violence, religion, sex or behaviors that you personally find unacceptable or abhorrent.

Most people are not aware that these thoughts come from spirits attached to them. They mistakenly believe they are losing their mind which triggers further anxiety.

For more information on this topic please refer to Wanda Pratnicka's book "Possessed by Ghosts", Chapter: Mental Illnesses.