Sleeping Problems


Do you have problems with sleeping (aka insomnia) or has your circadian cycle been thrown into confusion? In this state, it becomes difficult for your body to adjust not only to sleeping, but it wreaks havoc on your mood, ability to focus, and your physical body during waking hours, too. Spirits influence people's sleep patterns negatively because spirits have no need to sleep. Therefore, when people want to fall asleep, spirits will keep them awake or wake them up multiple times throughout the night. As a consequence, you may experience insomnia, or nightmares disrupting your sleep.

Read an actual case from the Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center:

Anna contacted us after attending one of our lectures in Honolulu. For many years she had been struggling with sleeping problems. She complained that the moment she put her head down on the pillow, her mind would be bombarded with all sorts of worries and anxieties. And even though Anna was aware that some of these concerns were irrational, she still couldn’t stop the overwhelming flood of fears. On many nights, she would be extremely exhausted, but still had trouble falling asleep. When she did finally manage to slip into sleep, she would wake up one hour later and spend the next two hours trying to fall back asleep.

Doctors prescribed her sleeping pills, but they didn’t bring any kind of relief. Soon, Anna found herself gradually taking more and more of the sleeping pills, and she was worried about side effects, including addiction and long-term damage to her organs. She tried other ways to relax—meditation, yoga, and exercise—but they didn’t bring successful results.

Lack of sleep eventually influenced her work negatively. She was unable to concentrate and her supervisors were not happy with her productivity. At home, she would become quickly irritated and blow up at her husband and children. She also looked much older because of her lack of sleep and constant exhaustion.

Anna informed us that her symptoms started ten years ago. We asked her if any family or friends died around that time. She stated that it had been ten years since her father passed away.

After we conducted a simple check-up, it turned out that her father was attached to her and he was also a very intense spirit. She admitted that after his death, she had difficulty coping. She missed him greatly because they had such a close relationship, and on several occasions, Anna asked him not to leave. She also felt guilt for not taking better care of him before he died.

We started the spirit removal process and urged Anna to say goodbye to her father, and to also forgive herself for inviting him. Without a proper goodbye and forgiveness, there would be a chance that her father would return after we would lead him away. Her unhealed emotions would be like chains bonding them together.

She had taken our advice to heart—after two weeks into the removal process, and for the first time in many years, Anna finally slept for an entire night without any disruptions. But Anna’s struggle was not over completely. Every few days, her father would still return, and with his return, her symptoms would simultaneously appear.

However, Anna did not get discouraged. In fact, she continued to forgive herself.

After a month, her father left and never returned. She claimed that her sleep is so heavy, that she can’t even hear an alarm clock. “I must be catching up on all that sleep I lost over the last ten years,” she joked.