common symptoms of spirit attachment

Urges to Commit a Crime


If you have urges to commit a crime; violator, criminal, are words you hear about yourself then it's very likely that you can be helped. It can happen that we are tempted to commit illegal acts by spirit attachments. A possessed person might find it hard to recognize that the thoughts persuading him to steal or commit some other crime don't come from him. A person who broke the law, may recall painful memories of prison but may not be capable of resisting the powerful persuasions of the spirit. The spirit knows it's risking nothing: it's the person who'll end up in prison, not the spirit.


For example, lets talk about stealing. People who stole when they were alive do not rid themselves of their predispositions after their deaths. We are talking here only about spirits suspended between Heaven and Earth and not about spirits which have passed through to the other side. Such spirits, when they have attached themselves to a person, will try to persuade them to commit thefts. They will think how they can acquire something, suggesting to the possessed person's mind all the advantages of a crime. We often hear people who have committed some misdemeanor say: "The devil must have tempted me". In some sense they are close to the truth, it's just that instead of the devil it's the spirit of a former thief at work here. 

For more information on this topic please refer to Wanda Pratnicka’s book “Possessed by Ghosts” Chapter: Thefts; Chapter: Suicides and Murders.