How Can We Overcome Undeservedness and Embrace a Life Free From Spiritual Possession 1

How Can We Conquer Undeservedness and Live Free From Spiritual Possession?


Undeservedness and Spiritual Possession


When it comes to issues related to spiritual possession, the concept of undeservedness - in other words, not allowing oneself to enjoy the fruits of life - stands crucial. Undeservedness could lead us to struggle with allowing ourselves to live in comfort, peace, love, and joy without spirits. Paradoxically, many of us are reluctant to attain a state of existence devoid of suffering.


The Human Inclination to Suffer and Experience Spiritual Possession 

Regrettably, a significant number of us find ourselves inexplicably drawn towards suffering. The reasons behind this are manifold, yet guilt stands as perhaps the most significant factor. Guilt, which frequently stems from childhood traumas or events we've chosen to forget, resides in our subconscious and shapes our reality. It inflicts pain on our psyche, pulls us into situations of suffering, invites people into our lives who inflict pain, and even invites the spirits of the deceased, arguably the greatest source of anguish. For coping with these traumas, refer to the post: Can a Traumatic Past Contribute to Spirit Attachments? 

Guilt invariably seeks punishment. If we're uncertain about the source of our guilt, it becomes essential to continuously explore our emotions and subconscious. Only a thorough understanding of our emotions can reveal our vulnerabilities and injuries, which will ultimately lead to the recollection of the traumatic event. Ways to cope with feelings of guilt have been discussed in the post: Understanding Feelings of Guilt and How It Attracts Spirits. 


The Power of Affirmation

Affirmation techniques serve as an effective strategy to combat the problem of undeservedness. We could, for example, write or express affirmations such as: "I, (insert your name here), deserve all that is best. I, (insert your name here), allow myself all that is best." During the process of writing or expressing affirmations, it's crucial to stay aware of the thoughts or emotions that arise. Your subconscious, witnessing your affirmations of deserving and allowing yourself a better life, will start to reject beliefs that don't align with these thoughts.


Using Affirmations


As you reflect on your past actions and any associated guilt, consider whether there's a pattern akin to your encounter someone. Underneath one layer of guilt could lie another and yet another. When you delve into these past events, you'll eventually reach an incident imbued with an intense fear, which resides as a traumatic memory below the surface.


Acceptance and Healing

When you show compassion towards yourself, you'll allow yourself to face this great fear. Do not resist it, nor run away. Instead, embrace it as a parent would hold a suffering child with love. This part of you that you've repressed, this suffering child within you, has been shunned in terror of confronting this primary fear. Such a strategy may sustain you throughout life, yet this repressed memory and its associated emotions will create some form of suffering for you. After all, no human should live in suffering. We are of divine origin, and our destiny is perpetual joy of existence.

By writing affirmations and paying attention to the arising thoughts and emotions, you will achieve the same results. Explore them, list them down like in the forgiveness technique presented in the post: How Do You Forgive Even When It Feels Impossible?, and in the end, forgive yourself. Once the intensity of emotions linked to the primal emotion subsides, you can return to affirmations. Always affirm your deservingness, adding at the end "despite doing this or that."

When you dare to accept and experience this primal fear and stop running away from it, the energy that you constantly invest in keeping this emotion beneath the surface of your subconscious will fuel your life energy and you will feel noticeably better. Moreover, you will "reprogram" your old wounds, and your life will change, sometimes quite drastically.

Once you learn to employ this approach to your suppressed emotions, you'll possess a tool for continuous healing of traumas stored in the subconscious, bringing about a lasting improvement in the quality of your life.



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