fascination with spirits and our downfall

How Fascination with Spirits Could Lead to Our Downfall?


Today, we delve into a topic of significant relevance to many individuals affected by spirit possession. As humanity becomes increasingly multi-sensory—establishing closer connections with the subtle realms—this dynamic enhances the interactions between incarnated humans and entities existing on a higher vibrational plane. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these intensified interactions may not always yield positive outcomes. A deep-seated fascination with spirits, while intriguing, could ultimately lead to spirit possession and our downfall.


First Encounter with a Spirit

A first encounter with a spirit, whether completely unknown or a deceased loved one, is a significant experience. At the emotional level, we engage in a form of communication that we typically do not experience in our physical lives. The emotional body of a spirit contains a very wide range of diverse information, encompassing everything that aroused its emotional interest during its lifetime.

When we connect our emotional body with that of the spirit, there follows an intense and extensive exchange of information at the level of our emotions and thoughts, which for many can be quite staggering. We get the impression that we have directly connected our brains with a very expansive source of information. It is somewhat like being able to exchange countless terabytes of data with our computer in a single moment.


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This dynamic seems to be something completely unusual and appealing. Many people suffer from an inferiority complex in their current incarnation. They believe that communication with incorporeal beings makes them someone extraordinary, making them feel unique. Additionally, it is a fact that spirits often had specific interests during their lifetimes, such as spiritual development.

As we know from previous posts on this blog, by nature, we attract to ourselves people with similar traits or interests. The same applies to spirits. If we are interested in spiritual development, there is a chance that we will attract a spirit who had identical interests during their physical life. Perhaps they devoted much of their time to studying various esoteric texts, thus accumulating a vast amount of knowledge in their memory.

By connecting our emotional body with that of the spirit, we instantly gain access to this powerful library of knowledge, which can be fascinating for many. This also influences our approach to spirit contacts, awakening a strong desire to be in close relation with it, and often also a greed for the knowledge accumulated in its emotional and mental body. It is often observed among those developing spiritually that they have a greater appetite for acquiring knowledge than using it to accelerate their own spiritual development.


The Attraction of Soul-to-Soul Proximity

In our subtle bodies, we possess innate mechanisms that desire to establish contacts with the environment at various levels. One example of such a mechanism is the sexual drive.

However, we must continually remember that this trend towards merging has been embedded in us to drive us to connect with increasingly higher vibrational fields, so that our subtle bodies continuously develop upwards, their vibrations steadily increasing, becoming more luminous and noble.

If we fall into the idea of using such attraction to get closer to a spirit that has not moved on to the Light, the situation will sooner or later become a source of great suffering for us. This is because the spirits of the deceased have remained in the lowest regions of the astral world marked by a vast amount of negative energy emissions—anger, rage, envy, jealousy, fear, and all its derivatives. And since the vibration of spirits is so low, they are continually hungry for energy they could draw from the living. Seeking unity at such a level will always prove to be a source of discomfort for us, and sometimes even great tragedies. This is not an upward but a downward dynamic.


The Drawbacks of Fascination with Spirits

The fascination with a spirit, for whatever reason—whether it is to boost one's own self-worth, to obtain a source of easy information, or from the desire to experience unity—becomes a source of unhappiness. Some of these individuals ask us for a spirit removal process. It is always effective, and the spirit is always led away from the person. However, we have a situation here where, on the one hand, the possessed person suffers greatly from the presence of the spirit in their own energetic body, and on the other hand, they are unable to free themselves from their earlier desires. This is not surprising, as these desires—to be important, to gain knowledge, or to be in a close relationship—often follow them through many incarnations and are sometimes very strong in them.


The Only Solution

The only solution in this situation is the persistent work of the person who deals with spirit possession on changing their own preferences and desires and transforming their current striving into higher ones, such as understanding that they are already very valuable, ultimately coming from a direct line from God, the most unique Being that exists. The need to acquire astral knowledge can be replaced with the need to gain higher, direct knowledge from one's divine intuition. Meanwhile, the desire for emotional closeness with another soul can be transformed into striving for closeness to other beings on a spiritual level. This category also includes beings more developed in evolution than ourselves, such as Angels or Masters.


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For such work, an unwavering decision and relentless pursuit of goals are needed. We will often automatically revert to previous entrenched patterns, but persistent work on change will reward us for all efforts. It is important to remember that no effort put into continuous work on oneself goes to waste. This energy accumulates, continually growing in strength, until finally, just one small drop added to a full container can cause the water to overflow, changing the dynamics of our entire being from a lower level to a higher one.



About the Author:

Michael, a co-founder of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, holds a B.A. degree in psychology and is a spiritual teacher and healer, with a specialization in spirit removal. Under the mentorship of Wanda Pratnicka, Michael gained profound spiritual insights into the nuances of spirit attachment phenomenon, and for many years, he played a crucial role in assisting her with the remote spirit removal process. In his leisure time, Michael finds solace in meditation, immerses himself in the timeless beauty of classical music, and cherishes tranquil walks by the sea.


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