How Spirit Attachment Affects Marriage

How Spirit Attachment Affects Marriage

In today's post we will explore in more depth the topic of the effects of spirit attachments on people with whom we have close emotional ties. As we know from the last blog post, spirits will continually try to separate the possessed person from all those around them.

This situation is especially difficult when we are dealing with a partnership or marriage. Such a close relationship requires a strong commitment on both sides cementing the relationship. We should consider what consequences a spirit possession will have for those who live with the person who experiences spirit attachment.


Children In a Family Affected By Spirits


If there are children in the relationship this will be a difficult time for them. Children need both parents and even the temporary absence of one parent presents a very serious problem for them that can affect their entire later life. Children constantly ascribe to their parents the role of a supreme authority, or God. This is, of course, not a correct perception, since their real parent is not the physical parents but the Almighty, but from a disturbed relationship with the parents always results in a disturbed relationship with God in later life. Hence the parent who lives with the possessed spouse must try to substitute both parents for the children. This is not easy, of course, nor entirely possible, but one must try and give the children hope that nothing lasts forever and that this situation, like any other, is only temporary and will eventually change.


Intimacy Between Partners - Spirit Possession in a Relationship

Another problem in a relationship is intimacy between partners. This is a serious issue because a relationship with possessed person does not involve two people, but three, or more depending on how many spirits are around our possessed partner. Thus, when we seek intimacy we are not only directing it to our partner, but also to the spirits around them.


Intimacy Between Partners Spirit Possession in a Relationship


A very big role here will be played by who the possessing spirit is. If it is someone who does not accept us (for example: a mother-in-law who we had a terrible relationship with when she was alive), the situation will of course be much more difficult, because the spirit will have a much stronger negative impact on ourselves. It will try with all its might to build a strong repulsive emotion in the possessed person, and it will also send negative emotions in our direction. Very problematic, of course, is the issue of sexuality. Here also it will take place between several souls rather than two.


The Risk of Addictions in Spirit Possession Cases


A possessed person can easily fall into addictions. Their emotional situation is extremely difficult. With the connection of the spirits to them, their emotional life is in ruins and has moved to the level of very low, negative emotional states such as resignation, irritation, anger, hatred or fear. The possessed person therefore lives in very severe suffering and wants to relieve themselves by trying to forget, at least temporarily, their inner conflict. They may resort to various kinds of drugs, the most readily available being alcohol, but they may also be psychotropic drugs such as tranquilizer pills or even street drugs.

As the possessed person becomes weaker due to the fact that the spir

it continually takes away some of their life energy, the possessed person's ability to cope with even ordinary daily challenges, let alone overcome difficult responsibilities in the workplace, for example, also decreases.


Supporting Possessed Spouse


The possessed person's partner, despite all the possessed person's problems coming from the possession, must show their partner constant understanding and compassion. This is of course very difficult as the possessed person often directs a lot of negative emotions towards the partner. However, constantly remember that the possessed person is in a state of great distress, even if they try not to show it on the outside. The partner will need a tremendous amount of patience not to get into any disputes or even arguments with the possessed person, as this will only make the situation worse for both of them. This is because the spirits will gladly use such situations as a way to rob the partner and the possessed person of their life energy.

Besides, we should remember that the scale of such a problem is very serious, it occurs much more often than most of us think, it just remains silent behind closed windows and doors. But every human problem has a solution. Spirit possession can also be solved.





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