How To Avoid Being Possessed By a Deceased Loved One

How To Avoid Being Possessed By a Deceased Loved One


Sometimes it happens that the possessing spirit originates from someone with whom we had a close and positive emotional bond. Paradoxically, these cases are harder to resolve, because our emotions always crave closeness to our deceased loved one. For those of us who experience spirit possession, or “spirit attachment,” the processes for removing such deep attachment comprise cases that are the most challenging.


Understanding True Love versus Fear-Based Love

Love is a tremendous force, but we must constantly remind ourselves that problems never arise from true love, but rather from its human equivalent or counterpart. For your reference, in this post we shared a series of suggestions explaining how to easily distinguish true love from fear-based love.

In the case discussed today, it’s of course very hard to convince your own emotions - and harder still, to change your subconscious emotions - to stop communicating and interacting with a possessing spirit. On the one hand, inevitably one’s emotions desire and seek closeness with the spirit; yet on the other hand, this desire can be contradicted by how much suffering the bereaved knows that they’ve experienced. Such a person then finds themselves at a crossroads, while the spirit is steadily being professionally led away from the bereaved: so there will be times when the spirit’s not with us at all.


Why Do Spirits of Deceased Loved Ones Seek Our Energy?

At these times, it’s as though the person experiencing spirit possession is sitting by a warm fire, enjoying its warmth. Then all of a sudden, a beloved yet deceased loved one knocks at the door of our cozy cabin. We open the door to a howling blizzard, and to the spirit begging us to be let in, even just for a moment. Yet in fact, this is actually the spirit asking our permission to possess us: to “warm itself by our fire” (our energy), even just for a moment.

The thing is, spirits - even those of our most dearly beloveds - don’t have to be “out in a blizzard” to begin with. Instead, they can immediately depart this life and transition to the afterlife, into the proverbial Light: transported to their own ideal equivalent of tropical paradise, with a five-star hotel prepaid for decades. However, many spirits aren’t exactly sure what paradise, for them, even is. So faced with the choice, the spirit chooses who or what’s familiar, that it already equates to happiness. This is why it seeks us out in our cozy cabin, even though by definition, it must exist away from us. And so, the spirit knocks upon our cozy cabin door.


What Happens When We Let a Spirit In?


What Happens When We Let a Spirit In


This is obviously a difficult situation to find ourselves in: it’s the point at the crossroads mentioned above. For if we let the spirit in, it’ll “warm up” by our “fire” and bask in our energy for a while, or even for decades. This means we’re certain to lose our energy that’s being co-opted not only by the spirit’s attachment to our own energy, but also by the spirit’s own suffering and disorientation. In these cases the bereaved, can’t stand the idea of spirit being “out in a blizzard”, will most often simply let the spirit in.


How Can We Help Spirits Transition to the Afterlife?

The only way out of this comes from understanding what is really going on. Letting the spirit into that “cozy cabin” (into one's own body) is an easy and likely comforting path of least resistance, but it’s only a short-term solution.

Admittedly, the spirit does come to feel better for a while, but soon it’ll become miserable, confined to our finite human body; and perhaps such misery is even worse to the spirit than when it was out in the metaphoric blizzard. Sadly, we too will suffer. Especially in such situations, it’s absolutely necessary to explain to the spirit that only by choosing instead to pass into the Light, will it finally experience truly sustainable and sought-after warmth, peace, and joy.

Once communicated and carried out, this becomes an overwhelming comfort not only to the spirit, but also to us. Therefore, the best option when you find a spirit “knocking on the door of your cozy cabin” is: don’t ever let a spirit in! Though it might seem like that’s somehow going to make the spirit suffer, this “tough love” is actually going to allow the spirit to finally overcome its fear of the unknown, its fear of its own future, and to cause it to decide to leave when being guided and led away from you, by an exorcist.

The objective is for the spirit to learn to gain the motivation to take this previously feared, and previously unguided, step. We always help spirits make their transitions to the afterlife, and to take advantage of this opportunity at any time during the spirit attachment removal process.


Why Is Forgiveness Essential in Overcoming Spirit Attachment?

As always in these cases, it’s necessary and encouraged that we forgive ourselves for having attracted the spirit to us to begin with, and also for not letting the spirit back in again when it was out in the cold. Another hugely important idea that we have to absorb, understand, and self-forgive is the fact that our emotions probably inspired the spirit's decision to remain among the living.

One must also remember to forgive the spirit for staying with us, and so adding to our suffering. It is necessary to say goodbye, and to abide in the confidence that the time will one day come when we’ll be together again, filled with infinite strength and joy. As we discussed in the previous post, this is the purest benefit of shifting our attention away from our subconscious feelings of fear and loss, and instead toward the area of the heart: because only fearless, positive, and purely selfless love will keep us totally safe. In other words, everyone who follows guidance from the heart will never experience spirit attachment, or possession.


About the Author: 

Michael, a co-founder of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, holds a B.A. degree in psychology and is a spiritual teacher and healer, with a specialization in spirit removal. Under the mentorship of Wanda Pratnicka, Michael gained profound spiritual insights into the nuances of spirit attachment phenomenon, and for many years, he played a crucial role in assisting her with the remote spirit removal process. In his leisure time, Michael finds solace in meditation, immerses himself in the timeless beauty of classical music, and cherishes tranquil walks by the sea.





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