Is Your Emotional State Attracting Negative Spirits

Is Your Emotional State Attracting Negative Spirits?


The Complex Interplay of Life's Ups and Downs


Life is a roller coaster of highs and lows, presenting us with a slew of challenges that sometimes make us ponder, "Will this ever cease?" For some, the struggle feels interminable, making them forget that life isn't solely about hardship—it also promises joy and enduring stability. 


The Weight of Continuous Setbacks

When we're burdened by constant setbacks, we start doubting ourselves and our strength. Some even question the existence of a merciful God. Such moments can make us vulnerable to negative spirits that have lost their physical form and haven't transitioned to the afterlife. Stuck near the physical plane, they deny God's existence and His all-encompassing love. They fear the unknown and resist ascending to higher realms of light.

These spirits, in their melancholic state, deny themselves the joys of positivity, tranquility, trust, admiration, and love. Turning away from the Light, they wander into realms of spiritual darkness, doubt, guilt, and fear.


constantly struggling


Is Your Emotional State Attracting Negative Spirits?

As our own negative beliefs align with those of these spirits, a connection may form, also known as spirit attachment. Our doubts, resignation, frustration, sadness, despair, anger, jealousy, hatred, or fear can attract these spirits. In moments of vulnerability, our energy parallels theirs. And when this happens, we might find ourselves overwhelmed by an influx of negative emotions, which are particularly potent in the lower emotional tiers of humanity. Recognizing these emotions as external is a challenge, as we might have been spiraling downward for a while, thinking this is merely a deepening of our current slump.

If we don’t recognize this phenomenon, we risk being enveloped by this energy. Our own emotions will magnetize similar, intensified feelings. As these spirits come closer, we inadvertently balance energy between us. Since they lack energy, we end up sharing ours, which we continuously receive from the Universe to persevere with optimism and determination. Remember, our karmic debts might bring painful experiences, but they're finite.


The Danger of Losing Our Vital Energy

Unawareness could lead us to surrender our energy to these spirits. The outcome? Our existing problems intensify, as we're drained of energy and sink deeper into negative emotional states. This compounds our suffering, as our fate follows both our karma and our current thoughts and emotions. If we steer negative and allow these spirits in, our destiny might take a darker turn, amplified by the spirits' extreme negative emotions.

Everything about us worsens - relationships, artistic endeavors, various projects, and, inevitably, finances. In our material world, money is a manifestation of energetic potential. Similarly, human energy reflects vitality, creativity, and ambition. At its lowest, we fall into depression. Spirits lack this energy entirely, meant to transition to Light, not stay bound to physicality. Without any source of sustenance, these spirits represent adversity. By attracting them, our situation, by definition, worsens.

Awareness and understanding of these intricacies are vital in a world filled with God's reality, where nothing should separate us from our happiness.



About the Author:

Michael, a co-founder of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, holds a B.A. degree in psychology and is a spiritual teacher and healer, with a specialization in spirit removal. Under the mentorship of Wanda Pratnicka, Michael gained profound spiritual insights into the nuances of spirit attachment phenomenon, and for many years, he played a crucial role in assisting her with the remote spirit removal process. In his leisure time, Michael finds solace in meditation, immerses himself in the timeless beauty of classical music, and cherishes tranquil walks by the sea.


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