Spirit aka. Entity Attachment in Relationships

Spirit aka. Entity Attachment in Relationships


In this Q&A with Mike Pratnicka, cofounder of The Dr. Wanda Pratnicka Center, we discuss:


How the dead and spirit attachment can disrupt relationships


How the dead and spirit attachment can disrupt relationships




AC: According to studies, roughly half of marriages end in divorce.  Why do so many couples find themselves in relationships that cause emotional pain and distress?


MP: Beyond some of the typical reasons that couples find themselves getting a divorce—finances, poor communication, lack of intimacy—conflicts within a marriage may be caused by one or more person in the relationship being under the influence of a spirit attachment, also known as a ghost.


AC: Can you describe what spirit attachment means?


MP: Absolutely.  Dr. Wanda Pratnicka explains spirit attachment in her book “Possessed by Ghosts” like this: “When the soul of someone who has died permanently attaches itself to a living person, then suddenly a person (a child or adult) who was once healthy and happy starts to experience constant anxiety, panic attacks, depression, intrusive thoughts, powerful negative emotions, mood swings, insomnia, lack of energy, poor memory and many more negative symptoms.” 


AC: And do couples come to you for help if they believe that a spirit has become attached to them?


MP: Yes, many couples contact us who had previously tried conventional treatment and couples-therapy without any positive results.


AC: Is there a common indicator that helps you discover if spirit attachment is affecting a marriage?


MP: Definitely. A common phrase one might hear from a spouse who is under the influence of spirit attachment is, “I’m so sorry. I don’t know what overcame me.”  In my experience, this is a good indication that spirits have taken control over your spouse and caused them to act out.  Often, people seeking our help say that their husband or wife is not the person they married. They describe their partner as loving and caring in the past, even though that loved one is now aggressive, depressed or displaying mood swings.


AC: What makes some couples more susceptible?


MP: A person is more susceptible to spirit attachment when they have experienced traumatic events or live under stressful conditions. For example, if they have a stressful job and are constantly experiencing anxiety or are not grounded, it puts them at risk of attracting spirits.  People who recently lost a loved one are also more at risk. People who often consume alcohol or have an addiction to drugs are also highly susceptible. 


AC: Have you ever seen a case in which both spouses had a spirit attachment?


MP: Yes. Recently, the mother of a woman reached out because she was seeking help for her daughter and her daughter’s husband, who were both behaving erratically.  When both people in the relationship have spirits attached to them things can get very unstable and unsafe.  They live on the edge, have arguments for no reason, or won’t talk to each other for weeks.  There can be a of lot of hostility, including verbal and physical abuse.  Most couples in this situation, experience great financial losses.  There can be substance abuse even though they had never used alcohol or drugs before.


AC: Are spouses under the influence of a spirit attachment conscious of their behavior?


MP: Not necessarily.  Sometimes people don’t remember what they said or did under a spirits’ influence.  After it's brought to their attention, they might promise to change, but as long as spirits are attached, that will be impossible and the erratic behavior will keep happening.


AC: We talked about people who are in the relationships. What about people who can’t seem to attract any partner and live a lonely life?


MP: When a spirit is attached to a person, it will often send negative energy to anybody who comes in contact with such person. As a result, people tend to avoid people who have a spirit attached because they can subconsciously sense negative energy from them. Others could also react to them negatively, be argumentative, or be unpleasant without any apparent reason. Our clients often complain that they are unable to maintain relationships because people often disappear from their lives or they are treated poorly everywhere they go.


AC: If someone thinks spirit attachment is the cause of their problems, what steps do you recommend?


MP: Dealing with spirit attachments is extremely dangerous.  Removal should never be done in the presence of the spirit or by anyone who has NOT been trained to remove the spirits from the living.  If you are concerned for your loved one or feel you may have an attachment, you may read Wanda's book Possessed by Ghosts or ask us for help


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