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Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 


I am an exorcist, psychologist, and parapsychologist, but mostly a researcher and scientist, even though my area of expertise is not studied in universities. For people that only use their brain and don’t have a developed multi-sensory perception, I am someone of little credibility and perhaps even dangerous. I study the places that are inaccessible to most people and inquire about the existence that they have no idea about. How one can live without this knowledge since it’s just as important to a man as the air he breathes? I am not talking here about a simple, average person for whom this topic is completely incomprehensible. I am talking about those who view themselves as educated people, intelligent, and even religious or spiritual. 

These people’s logical reasoning misguides them and doesn’t allow them to understand something that is beyond their range of perception and comprehension. We cannot see small or distant things without the right tool - a microscope or telescope. Similarly, some of us can’t notice things in our reality that are in our direct reach yet remain indistinguishable for our physical senses. The "right tool" within us that can make observations easier is in atrophy for most of us. Because of that, our perception of reality, the way it really is, becomes impossible. 

Most people only experience what is material - what they can touch, see, smell, measure, weigh. This is why they are not capable of believing in certain things because they can’t see them by themselves. This includes ghosts, humans' subtle bodies, and what we commonly call an aura. Therefore, they say that such things are complete nonsense. However, what for some people is impossible, for others is a completely natural thing. 

Many people have a gift of perception beyond physicality, but few of them have any knowledge about this topic. They can notice things that for others are invisible and everything is alright until they will share their observations with loved ones. Then a problem starts because the mind of the latter can't accept this knowledge. It's not that it doesn’t want to, it simply can't fathom it. The atomic structure of their brain cells simply doesn’t allow to. It is only when most people accept some knowledge that the logical minds of such people will accept it as reality. 

It has often happened in the past that something was discovered that people couldn’t understand because their brains couldn't explain it. What were they doing to protect themselves from it? They resisted it and oppressed discoverers, fearing that given knowledge would shake their world, position, and wealth. 

How many such enlightened people got locked in mental institutions, and how many of them, in the name of God, were cursed, burnt, or oppressed in other ways? Do you think, dear reader that anything has changed in this regard? Nothing, absolutely nothing. Only the methods of repression have changed, and everything else has remained the same. The list of people who have tried to give the world something new and were treated horribly for it is very long and certainly wouldn’t fit in this book. 

Let’s take - Guglielmo Marconi as an example, the pioneer that dealt with theories of radio waves which contributed to discovery of radio and entire series of other inventions from whose knowledge we all benefit from now. When he was talking about his invention, people couldn’t completely comprehend it. They couldn’t see or touch radio waves so they considered him as a nutcase and locked him in a mental institution for some time. 

The existence of electromagnetic waves is not surprising nowadays since television, mobile phones, and many other things operate on the same principle. 

Galileo's example is of different nature and I’m not quoting it because the church had once labelled him a heretic and cursed him for his theories and for disproving Copernicus's theory of the Earth (by the way, Copernicus' works were placed on the List of Prohibited Books in 1616). In those days, nobody was able to accept his discovery. I give it as an example because even now, in the age of space travel, the church needed as many as twelve years of debate to finally, after three hundred and sixty years, honor this splendid scientist and remove the curse weighing heavily upon him. You can see for yourself by this example, dear reader, how long it can take to open human minds.

I was also condemned in public and called a fraud in front of an audience of four million. That's how many people were watching the program on TV during which they tried to revile me, and it broke a record. Who did it? A pathetic editor, looking for sensation at all costs and playing hardball, and a psychiatrist, who didn’t want to accept the knowledge I communicate to the world. For if he did accept it, or more importantly, if he applied this knowledge, his wards of patients would be empty and he wouldn’t be able to make serious money prescribing psychotropic pills in his private practice. They thought they would hurt me this way. It turned out, however, that out of four million people watching the disgraceful program directly and the next hundreds of thousands, if not millions, that heard about it, there was not even one person that claimed they were cheated by me as an effect of my help as an exorcist.

I don’t bear a grudge since I know that the authors of the program were guided by the logical mind only, which, as we know, is only a small part of the whole. If the rest of the mind remains closed, man cannot learn anything new. Closed minds reject everything that is different, that collides with foregoing beliefs, or that can be absolutely wrong. The force that is closing people’s hearts is fear. Only those that can move beyond logical reasoning are able to accept and transform the new knowledge.

This explains, dear reader, why so many people don’t want to know about things that their fate and existence depend on in both this and the other world. Don’t they behave like an ostrich burying his head in sand? Or a traveler who set for a dangerous, unfamiliar ground without a compass and a map? Although he is helpless on this strange terrain, he nevertheless doesn’t want to learn anything about it because he is afraid of this knowledge and what he could see there.

And this is how most people behave, including some priests that we call our shepherds. Even though they take into account what happens to them after death, they are not in a better situation than other people. Some wade in ignorance since they lack basic information, others in fear, others still in cock sureness of their own greatness and "knowledge." The last group has it the worst. They think they have all the information while in truth they are blind and deaf to everything that could be of help to their soul’s growth. They would have to admit it to themselves first and accept that they truly know nothing. The following saying illustrates this well: "The sage continuously learns, the fool knows everything already."

A soul cannot be seen by the five senses given to a man. It cannot be touched nor operated either. That’s why many materialists think it doesn’t exist at all and that these are just some ancient beliefs. Such people let go of their helms and drift along the waters of life, case by case. Though they can prosper in their physical body (they are protected by scientific titles after all) they fright after death, not knowing what to do with themselves.

Humanity thinks it grows much. You can see progress in many domains, but this is technical, material progress. In the matters concerning man himself and his psyche, nothing really changes. Most people wish for consistency in their private lives, in their homes, relationships, and jobs. They want to settle down. They would most willingly keep everything around immobilized so that nothing changes. However, the world and life is constantly moving forward and in a state of permanent flux that forces us to constantly grow. Spiritual growth is the constant working on ourselves and the need for constant change, and the change causes the next change, and so on without end. This is what it means to move with the times. 

Many people, however, fear changes so much, that they withdraw from life and they die believing that they will finally reach happiness, peace, and tranquility "there," where they will receive everything they lacked here on Earth. Unfortunately, this "there" isn’t really any new, unusual place with unusual life liberating us from self-responsibility. It is totally a prolongation of our present life. If it was happy here on Earth, it will be the same "there" on the other side of a "death curtain." And the other way around - an unhappy life will only be a continuation of misery. The readers of my previous book Possessed by Ghosts know this. So we don’t have any other choice than to strive for our happiness now while we still have our physical body. Otherwise, an unpleasant surprise awaits us, but I will write more about this in further part of the book.

In this eternal turnstile, there is no chance to stop; one has to constantly climb upwards or do nothing and fall to the bottom. Everything, both here and there, is constantly moving. Those who cannot or rather, don’t want to understand it, are all the time met anew by an unpleasant or even tragic reality in the form of a constant poking, pushed forward by a very "cruel" fate.

I have always been sensitive to other people’s misery and I have often heard the following questions in my head: Does it have to be this way always? Is what is happening around inevitable? Did an evil fate send us or maybe we can do something about it? And if we can, what is it and what are we to do it? I have often dug deep looking for the reasons for human misery and I studied long enough to find the reason and its solution.

This is how I encountered ghosts as the cause of other’s misery, although even the smallest children often know about it. More importantly, I saw the whole world of cause and effect, not only in this but the other world as well. First of all, I discovered that we never die and are never born. What we commonly call death is only throwing away the body in the same way we throw away our old, worn clothes we don’t need any more. I noticed that a large number of souls (ghosts) that are long dead are totally not aware of their death and they function in the "spiritual world" (as we commonly call it) exactly the same way as they did in their physical lives. I also discovered why ghosts remained among the living and what the reason for their influence on our lives was. I went further with my studies and discovered the incessant continuation of life in this and the other world. These are not my suppositions or fantasies. These facts are backed up by knowledge gathered on the basis of thousands of cases of people turning to me for help. 

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