Before You Appeared on Earth

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 


God created all souls perfectly - beautiful, good, wise, free, and full of love, living with Him eternally in wealth, peace and harmony. No person or force can change this GOODNESS and PERFECTION given by God because it is its permanent, natural condition. Before you appeared here on Earth, you lived together with other souls in a world that people have many names for. Some call it Heaven, others call it Paradise, others still Eden, and scientists and theosophists call it the Causal World. No matter the terms, we are talking about the same unchanging condition that is associated with one and the same place. You will understand it when you understand the essence of death. You will really understand what life is and you will start to live truly.

While you were existing in this immaterial world you were conscious of yourself, your life, and the world surrounding you. You were living in the state of Perfection and Love. It is the permanent and unchanging condition of the soul and nothing can change it since it is eternal. It doesn’t mean, however, that we live in it in the image of puppets, but that this condition never changes, regardless of what we do and what we become. At the same time, in the consistency and oneness of this condition each of our souls constantly desires to grow. Nothing can stand still because God and the entire Universe desire growth, including your soul. And you can grow only through experience. Experience is necessary because intellectual understanding not backed with the charge of emotional experience weakens in time and is forgotten.

You could exist, of course, without coming to Earth at all and many souls choose this kind of life for some time. However, desires appear in the soul and it is them that motivate it to act or impose it into experience.

Living in the immaterial, non-physical world you were, dear reader, absolutely free and fully aware of your life and the world. You not only realized that you existed but you perceived yourself exactly the way you perceive yourself now, when you have a physical body. You perceived and explained the world around you from your non-physical, spiritual perspective in exactly the same way that you presently perceive the world around you. 

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