Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 

  1. Acknowledgments
  2. Introduction
  3. About Me
  4. How to Use This Book
  5. Who Are You?
  6. What Is a Soul?
  7. Who Are You in Essence?
  8. Your Birth
  9. Before You Appeared on Earth
  10. The Becoming of a Soul
  11. The Descending of a Soul
  12. How a Soul’s Desire Arises?
  13. A Soul’s Experiences
  14. The Degradation of a Soul
  15. Understanding the Soul
  16. What Is a Soul? – Summary
  17. The Universe
  18. The Universal Mind
  19. The Concept of God
  20. God – The Source
  21. About the Human
  22. What Is Life?
  23. The Purpose of Life
  24. The Energy
  25. The Energetic Field
  26. Human Energetic Structure
  27. Chakras
  28. The First Chakra
  29. The Second Chakra
  30. The Third Chakra
  31. The Fourth Chakra
  32. The Fifth Chakra
  33. The Sixth Chakra
  34. The Seventh Chakra
  35. The Energies of the Chakra System
  36. The Human Bodies
  37. The Physical Body
  38. The Etheric Body
  39. The Damages of the Etheric Body
  40. Vampirism
  41. The Astral Body
  42. The Astral Body Content and Structure
  43. The Mental Body
  44. The Mental Body Structure
  45. The Mind
  46. The Functions (Division) of the Mind
  47. Our Thoughts
  48. Thought Forms
  49. How Particular Bodies Affect One Another
  50. How Addictions Are Formed
  51. Feelings and Emotions
  52. The Causal Body
  53. Higher Subtle Bodies
  54. Help

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