How a Soul's Desire Arises?

Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 


Your soul, just like every other soul, wished to experience more than what it was familiar with. How can you know if you are truly wise, good, beautiful, or noble, when everybody around is the same?

In Paradise, or the causal world where only love reigns, the soul IS LOVE. It cannot know envy, hatred, jealousy, or any other negative trait in our understanding, since it IS not it and one thing excludes the other. You will wonder how anybody can want to know something so unpleasant, foolish, mean, and even repulsive. It is, however, the effect of how you perceive it now because you have already experienced this yourself, dear reader. You don’t want to experience this anymore since you know that it evokes an unpleasant, distressing impression and useless suffering. There are souls, however, that haven’t felt it yet and this is why it is attractive to them. They chase it blindly like a moth chases the light. You too, in your present life, chase something that some other soul is not interested in at all because it has already experienced it.

In order for you to understand what I am talking about, I will show it to you using the example of the soul that wished to test (not if it was truly wise, since it Was Wisdom), but how it is when you are not as wise as it was - or how it is to BE less wise or even totally stupid.

The soul desired it, because it existed where nothing besides Perfection and Wisdom existed and it couldn’t experience stupidity because it was just as wise as the other souls.

When it thought that it would be good to know stupidity, the soul began to think, consider, and contemplate over stupidity and everything connected to it. It was then that its desire began to realize itself and materialize. The soul couldn’t have realized its desire there, in Heaven. Its desire had a different, lower vibration than the vibration of love that is one of the highest vibrations, God’s vibrations. The desire of a lower vibration made the soul begin to fall down. When I am talking of ascending or descending, I don’t mean directions but the level of vibrations - from very high to very low. In the world of the Spirit, everything is perfect and vibrating on a very high level. It falls down as far as the soul’s deviation from perfection. When the soul descends it lowers its vibration and dampers its internal light. 

Each soul that had the courage to take a step forward was aware that in order to experience life on Earth it wouldn’t have to leave the perfection of Paradise since it can be in both places simultaneously. A child playing puppet theater experiences the parts it plays while remaining aware of the fact that it is at home. Similarly, the soul knew that it wouldn’t part with beloved God its Father even for a moment since He is Omniscient, Omnipresent, All-pervading, and All-embracing, everything in everything and everywhere at the same time. You may sense it when you have an opportunity to visit an infant and stay in its presence for even a short amount of time. You may then realize that this little child reminds you of your own soul’s innocence or something you had long forgotten.

As you can see, it is not that the soul is banned from Paradise, just like the child is not banned from home when it eagerly leaves for a summer camp where it will gain new skills and abilities, grow, become stronger, wiser, and more perfect. 

Experiencing Who We Are in Essence isn’t parting with God at all, but knowing that whatever we experience, we are always connected to Him, exist within Him, and that we can always use His help, protection, and support. 

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