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Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 


This book consists of a great number of entwined and overlapping threads. It is like a large arras of a very complicated pattern.

Dear reader, in order for everything that I wish to communicate to you to be understood, I have to cross from generality to specifics, or the other way around. I sometimes have to come back to a particular question many times to refer to the thread suspended earlier. So if you don’t understand something the moment you read it, don’t worry. You will find further explanation in the following chapters.

Our lives resemble the weaving of a large arras, consisting of innumerable threads intertwined tightly. The arras pattern comes out of various combinations of events that influence each other. We most often cannot foresee the final effect in the moment of creation. It is only after some time, when new details are added, that we are shown what a special, unique pattern we wove from the materials available. 

In this book I would like to show you your life from the soul’s side: to make you see who you are, what made you or all of us appear here on Earth, why we have specific experiences, what is the purpose of your life and your loved ones lives, how it all influences your life until now, and what is going to happen to you when you have left your physical body. It is only when we discuss life after death that you will understand what you need the subtle bodies described earlier for. You presently stay within the physical body and in the physical world. After death, you will also stay in your next bodies and on the next levels, dimensions of existence, and worlds. You may even question their existence at this very moment because you think that you cannot touch them or see them. And yet - you can touch and see them, be that as it may, you use them in every second of your life, twenty four hours a day. You must only believe that you have them and then hone your perception. You don’t see those bodies at the moment since you either didn’t know they existed or you didn’t realize this knowledge for some reason.

In order to benefit from this book and understand it fully, one should return to it many times and study it thoroughly. Shallow reading won’t help much, aside from ascertainment that we have count among a new listing. I know this judging from a great number of letters of my last book’s readers. Although the letters differ much in content, common confessions appear. One of them is, "Mrs. Pratnicka, I am reading this book for the seventh, eighth time and it is only now that I am beginning to understand it truly." Most often it is not the average person writing. Those have usually such an underrepresented self-evaluation, that they fear admitting their ignorance. It is often professors, scientists, doctors, editors, priests, and young people that confess this. These are people who constantly train and reassess their perceptions of the world.

It is extremely important for you as you read this book, dear reader, while setting out for this journey, to keep a logical and rational way of thinking and be willing to look beyond it at the same time. It is foolishness both to accept everything without consideration, contemplation, and thought, and to immediately negate new things. Both work along the same principle (to our disadvantage, of course). It is the logical way of thinking that holds us captive and doesn’t let us have a broader view, keeping us from perceiving our own lives from a different perspective.

Experiences that become a part of your being while reading this book will help you transform into a loving being, feeling safe, avoiding violence, and not feeling fear.
I myself have responded many times and have been close to despair but have regained consciousness and continued on my journey through life. The same might happen in your case. I greatly hope that thanks to this book you will fall less often, and when it happens it will be easier for you to rise, regain strength, and go on. 

This book wouldn’t have come forth without the help and inspiration of Masters. Messages from Them contained in this text remind our minds to return to the things most important in life, namely love, peace, eternal life, spiritual thoughts and practices, and to leave the things of no importance whatsoever - materialistic business, pride, egoism, violence, fear, anxiety, jealousy, and hatred.

We are all in the same boat and frequently ominous clouds appear on the horizon, spelling storm. It seems that in our world only stupidity and violence born out of shortsightedness dominate. Our generation faces totally different challenges concerning an attitude towards life and a constant struggle between optimism and despair. Voices of destruction are heard from everywhere and we see evidence of climate warming, spelling great changes. Humanity has converted and defrauded the energy of Good, which is God, for too long. We shouldn’t be surprised that there are so many cataclysms happening. They always reflect what is going on in human souls. If we don’t change, there will be more and more of them. I am not writing this to evoke fear, but to encourage you to change your way of thinking. We cannot pretend for any longer that we are the cat’s whiskers and live under the delusion that nothing depends on us, dear reader. More depends on you than you think. It is each of us as a collective of individuals that create the reality we live in. That’s why we must act in harmony and reject hatred, anger, fear, and pride. We must have the courage to act right. We must love and respect ourselves and others, see and appreciate beauty, and respect all people’s dignity including our own because we are all souls made of the same matter. Only by co-working and uniting as one big family can we can avoid punishment. If we don’t succeed in doing this collectively, each of us must do it separately, one by one, to find our way home.

Getting to know your own energetic system will guide you to knowing yourself the way you really are. Studying your own energy, you will recognize the patterns governing your life and the deep bonds uniting the body, mind, and soul. Knowing yourself can bring joy and peace of mind to life and heal the body and emotions at the same time. When you get to know the energy, you will understand that the body is the manifestation of spirit.

You will see your soul within it and you will understand what it is and what makes it, meaning the whole you, stronger. You will also learn what weakens your spirit, what drains you of energy, and you will be able to prevent its further loss. However, in order to reach the deepest marrow, we have to start from the most basic things to gain understanding not only shallowly (with our head) but with all our being. The point is for us to remember at last Who We Are in Essence

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