Below excerpts from Wanda Pratnickas book
"In the Wheel of Life", Volume 1 

Dear reader, you are holding in your hands my next book. It is a continuation and extension of my previous book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century which succeeded greatly despite much skepticism. It was not only a bestseller in Poland and other countries around the world, but it improved the lives of both the living and the dead. If you didn’t read my first book, I highly recommend that you do so because it provides the basis for many of the issues that I present here.

The intent of my previous book was to raise people's consciousness and make them realize that what we commonly call death is only an abandonment of the body, similar to taking off clothing, while pointing out examples of what leads to the lack of such basic knowledge. Almost every child knows that ghosts of deceased people exist, but I wanted to show how tragic consequences can have a connection between the astral world and physical world, especially when we approach our own lives in a frivolous way.

My intention came true because it made readers realize the matters which until then had been unknown to them and this in turn changed the lives of hundreds, or even thousands, of families. Does this mean that I discovered something new? Certainly not. This knowledge has been around for thousands of years, long before Jesus came to the world, but various actions of the church, especially during times of inquisition, erased them from memory. Simultaneously, the times of inquisition filled us with a fear of being haunted or possessed that has culminated in our current refusal to believe that something could happen to us because of ghosts. Why? Because we subconsciously remember that people were burnt on the stake, drowned with rocks, and sentenced to penal servitude for being possessed, haunted, or seeming to be under the influence of Satan.

We have come to this point because we watched horrible fates happen to people we knew and we allowed fear and superstition take control of our minds. Fear and superstition have been holding us like a noose around our throats until now and this is why subconsciously we would rather place the responsibility for our afflictions on other sources so that nobody thinks we're possessed. This applies to the entire human population, not only to normal people. People talk about inquisition like a hunt for witches yet treat this problem in a superficial way, but for three hundred and fifty years clergy were prohibited from performing exorcisms. Possessed priests and nuns were treated in the same way even though it was certain that they weren't witches.

The ritual of exorcisms was reinstated around one hundred and thirty years ago by Pope Leon XIII, who was personally possessed by ghosts. He certainly couldn’t tell fellow priests the truth that he was possessed by the ghost of someone who didn’t go behind their "death curtain" because he would destroy the church’s basic dogma. Therefore, he said that he was possessed by Satan.

Even now, many people think that Satan is simply a being with a powerful force. In Sanskrit, however, the word 'Satan' means 'limitation.' When Jesus said "Go away, Satan," he was simply dispelling limitations.

I can boldly say that thanks to my previous book Possessed by Ghosts, priests have started to become trained to be exorcists, and people who have read it are no longer afraid of the transition to the other side of the curtain.

Therefore, this book has achieved remarkable success that has exceeded my expectations. Thank God for this!
Many intellectual people think that belief in ghosts is ancient history and its better not to return to it because now we have science to explain such "phenomena." Nonetheless, they hold this point of view as long as it doesn’t affect them or someone close to them or when they have no other way of explain it. Then they ask for help and they can’t believe how effective it is. "What do you mean?" they ask. "It's my deceased mother, grandma, father, friend etc. causing my child to suffer? How is this possible if she was such a good person?"

Then comes a long, strenuous process of learning a reality that is difficult to accept. In this book, dear reader, I would like to show you, Life from broader perspective and lead you through all its stages. Armed with this knowledge, you will see life in a different light and you will free yourself from all its pretenses and illusions that you had believed were life until now. You already know about all of this in the deeper levels on your Being; it is my job to remind you of what you already know. What you will read in this book is the most important knowledge in the world because it will tell you Who You Are, how you came about to be on this planet, and how your influence on it determines the quality of your life on Earth and after you leave.

If you have ever thought that you don't have any influence over your appearance, you will now feel enslaved, reluctant, and burdened. If, however, you have had an influence on your appearance I think that you would like to know the extent of it because this will give you a sense of freedom and lightness and will cause an immeasurable change in your journey on Earth. It’s very important that this knowledge or lack of it has a great influence not only on this life but also on what will happen to you after physical death. Based on several decades of practice and tens of thousands of people coming to me for help, I certainly know that we definitely have too little of such information. In most cases, consequences due to that are lamentable.

I am not talking about extreme cases that I described in my previous book Possessed by Ghosts but about people who haven't gotten there yet and whose lives are also very hard, whether we are talking here about a single person, an entire family, or social groups.

In bookstores we have thousands of books on various topics. These books teach us how young women should be to give birth, raise kids, pick a school for them, decorate an apartment, what should we eat to reach a certain age, what to wear, etc. We also have many books that talk about soul’s salvation but very few books bring up topics that apply to all us, such as "death" and about what happens afterwards. I'm calling it death because that's what we're used to calling what happens to the deceased after their bodies stop giving signs of life. We call it death even though the "deceased" is more active than ever. I don’t want to write about the physical body, which we take off in the moment of death like used, unneeded clothing, but about us, real humans that still exist.

Readers of my book Possessed by Ghosts: Exorcisms in the 21st Century are already partly familiar with this topic. Now I would like to not talk much about ghosts in general, but rather what happens when we ourselves or our loved ones become ghosts.

While writing this book I am certainly not trying to convince anyone to pull away from their religion. It’s quite the opposite: I am trying to explain it to you by revealing deeper meaning for your existence, which perhaps you would never be aware of. I would like to help you come to understand your own religion so you could live according to it better than before or even bring back lost faith, but now on higher level and with broader horizons.

I certainly don’t want to force any knowledge presented here upon anyone because each one of us has a right to freely choose our path and behavior. I am only trying to point out a simple and suitable path, tried by many and giving true satisfaction. What you do with this knowledge, dear reader, and whether you draw any knowledge from it for yourself depends on your decision. Let your heart tell you what to do. You can certainly don’t do anything and still dwell in your previous ignorance like you did for such a long time. What you will decide and do for God and the Universe won’t make a bigger difference. However, accomplishments based on what's included here could be helpful and feel significant for both you and the world around you.

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